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Prong rocked Hellfest this year after recently touring with bands such as testament and sepultura. Prong is back and they seem to be stronger than ever. Prong is a three piece band that consists of three members Tommy Victor, Mike Longworth and Art Cruz. Prong is a mix of trash, hard-core and industrial metal. Prong have been releasing new albums every year since 2012 with their release of “carved in stone” to their album “X-No Absolutes” in 2016 we love prongs dedication to bringing their fans new albums and evolving their sounds throughout their music. We eagerly await their new Album “Zero Days”.

Prong’s stagecraft is dominating! The way they command the crowd’s attention is masterful, each of the three members lead with their instruments, passing the attention of the crowd like a baton in a relay. New bands could learn from them, the light dances around them punctuated by the staccato of the drums beats, the chords of lost melody radiating from the guitar, all following the rhythmic thrum of the bass.

PhotoCredit: Olga

 A lot of fans didn’t realise Prong were back on tour “Prong has been back for almost 10 years” they have been touring with bands such as Obituary, Exodus, Sepultura and testament and it has brought “A lot of old fans back out of the wood work.” Tommy Victor the front man of Prong said touring with testament and sepultura is “Amazing and good for us as we have bands supporting Prong.”


Tommy Victor and Chris Collier have been through a pretty brutal recording process, there has been a lot of work that has been put into the new album “Zero days” Tommy said “I would go to sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning and wake up around 10 and start working again; We just jammed out stuff and just kept working on it.  I had some ideas on the road and then I had outside writers too. Mike sitting to my right contributed, everybody contributed. A friend of mine from Fred Ziomek who use to be in the darkest hour contributed.” We are eagerly awaiting the relase of Prongs new album “Zero Days” on the 28th of July 2017.

Prong love playing at Hellfest, Tommy said “it’s defiantly one of the best festivals that we have played, it’s unbelievably well organised and the people are very nice and I always love France. We have played here a lot over the past 20 years, I think the French people are absolutely wonderful and the fans have always been fantastic and very warm. This festival is amazing.” Twinmusix whole heartedly agree that it is one of the best music festivals and would recommend everyone go to it.


Don’t forget Prongs new album “Zero Days” is coming out on the 28th of July 2017, and check out prongs tour dates across Europe for 2017 here:



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