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Primal scream

Primal Scream are a British rock band that started in Glasgow in 1982. The band was formed by Bobby Gillespie on vocals and Jim Beattie on guitar. 

The current line up for Primal Scream that graced our shores last night was Bobby Gillespie on vocals, Andrew Innes on guitar, Martin Duffy on keyboards, Simone Butler on bass and Darrin Mooney on drums. 

Last night Primal Scream played at the metro theatre, and man did they put on one hell of a show! They rocked the stage and played various hits from their 11th studio albums.

When Bobby walked on stage the crowd went wild,  everyone was cheering and the atmosphere was exciting.  As the rest of the band walked out on stage, Bobby walked over to the right side of the stage and prompted everyone to cheer, the audience clapped And cheered. Bobby then walked over to the left side of the stage and told everyone to clap, the audience clapped and cheered and you knew you were in for a good night. Primal scream proceeded to play "Slip Inside" and continued on to play "Jailbird".
Bobby stopped and said "hey" to the crowd, everyone yelled "hey" back then Primal scream started waving to their fans. The band start playing "Can't go back". Primal Screams next song was "shoot speed "Bobby picked up a Tambourine and played it in the chorus, after this the band played " Xtrnntr light" and said thank you to crowd for attending one of their gigs.

Primal scream then announce they will be playing one of their "newer songs" and sings  "Walk With the Beast".

When the crowd heard the Paino intro to "Higher than the Sun" the crowd starts cheering and dancing then they played "Cry Myself Blind". The lights went off at the end at the end of the song and everyone was wondering what would happen next. As the lights came back on Primal scream started playing "100% or nothing" after this they played "Swastika Eyes."
After this song, Bobby said to the crowd "What is it you want to do" and then played "Loaded" which was followed by "Country girl". Then Bobby says 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and plays "Rocks". 

Primal scream proceeded to walk off stage And the crowd start shouting Encore, Encore, Encore. As Primal Scream walk back on stage the crowd went wild and Primal Scream played 3 more songs. "I'm loosing more", "Together" and Moving on up. This was a fantastic end to a great night. Primal Scream interacted with their audience and everyone left on a high note to such a great show.

Primal Screams Albums are Sonic Flower Groove (1987), PrimalScream (1989), Screamadelica (1991), Give Out But Don't Give Up (1994), Vanishing Point (1997), XTRMNTR (2000), EvilHeat (2002), Riot City Blues  (2006), Beautiful Future (2008), More Light (2013) and Chaosmosis (2016).
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