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Plini is a guitarist and composer from Sydney, Australia. As Plini played at Manning Bar last night he put on one Hell of a show. As you walked into the venue it was packed full of Instrumental guitar fans and you could barely move. The room was buzzing with excitement and everyone eagerly waited for Plini to come on stage.


Plini walked out on stage and they kicked off their set with salt + charcoal, as you looked out at the fans everyone was dancing to the music and you knew you wanted to hear the next song. Plini stopped playing after this song and he spoke to his fans. He made a reference to Metallica and said "Now i am going to play enter sand man for you" as the crowd laughed and a few people cheered he went into the next song Handmade cities. 


Plini proceeded with cascade, kind and Heart, Then they  stopped and thanked his fans for being there. The fans cheered as they loved what they had heard so far and everyone was cheering for more. Plini proceeded to play other things, Flaneur, every piece matters, Selenium Forest and subhead the instrumental work in these songs was incapable and it drew you into a magical place of listening to this music. Next up he played Away with David maxim mici and Javier Reyes.


As plini walked off stage the crowd cheered for one more song, the closing track was Electric Sunrise everyone cheered when this song was over and no one wanted to leave the venue.Plinis set was full of jazzy chords, rich bass and leads, complex chords and scales that pull you into his music and the set made you never want to leave the venue.

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