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Peter Hook played his own show with no support act at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on Monday the 2nd of October; he played three sets of songs which almost added up to a three and a half hour set. Peter has played in many different bands over the years which include New Order, Joy Division and his own band The Lights. He played songs from his EP deep cuts such as In a Lonely Place, Dreams Never End and Procession, New Order and Joy Division.

The Metro was packed you could tell this is what new and old fans had been waiting for and they were excited to see the show. Peter came out on stage and started singing a New Order song, he followed this by playing 6 more of his New Order songs. The crowd was singing along to the song that they had loved for years and they were ecstatic to see these songs being performed live.

 There are two bass players in Peter Hooks band (the lights) this allows Peter to concentrate on vocals while his other bass guitarist concentrates on the bass lines, this was fantastic as it allowed all the fans get the full “hooky” experience. Peter has an amazing voice and every song he performed live sounded like you were playing it off an album.

The lighting to the show was a sight to see, as the way the lights flashed on stage matched up with the beat of the music which made everyone dance along and get into the full swing of the gig. It was a great night for all and if you haven’t already seen Peter Hook Live, I would defiantly recommend seeing him.

If you haven’t got a ticket there’s still time to organise seeing one of  his shows in your state or travelling to a different state for a short break!.


 Get your tickets here:

And most importantly, Enjoy Rocking at the show!!! 



In a Lonely Place (New Order cover), Lonesome Tonight (New Order cover) , Dreams Never End (New Order cover) , Procession (New Order cover) ,Cries and Whispers (New Order cover) , Age of Consent (New Order cover), Ceremony (New Order cover) , Atrocity Exhibition (Joy Division cover) ,Isolation (Joy Division cover) Passover (Joy Division cover) ,Colony (Joy Division cover) A Means to an End (Joy Division cover) ,Heart and Soul (Joy Division cover) ,Twenty Four Hours (Joy Division cover) ,The Eternal (Joy Division cover),Decades (Joy Division cover), No Love Lost (Joy Division cover), Digital (Joy Division cover), Disorder (Joy Division cover), Day of the Lords (Joy Division cover), Candidate (Joy Division cover), Insight (Joy Division cover), New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover), She's Lost Control (Joy Division cover), Shadowplay (Joy Division cover), Wilderness (Joy Division cover), Interzone (Joy Division cover), I Remember Nothing (Joy Division cover), Encore: Atmosphereb(Joy Division cover), Transmission (Joy Division cover), Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

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