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Paradise Lost  formed in 1988 in Halifax, England and are considered by some to be one of the pioneers of the death-doom genre. The band consists of Nick Holmes as Vocals, Greg Mackintosh on Lead guitar, Aaron Aedy on Rhythm guitar, Steve Edmondson on Bass guitar and Waltteri Väyrynen on Drums.

Paradise Lost walked onto the stage with dimmed lights, as they picked up their instruments the stage lights came on and Paradise Lost jumped straight into their song "From the Gallows" the crowd went wild and you knew you were in for a great night.  After the first song Nick stopped the crowd and said, "let's go Sydney". Everyone started to cheer as they hadn't seen Paradise Lost in such a long time. Paradise Lost proceeded to play "Tragic Idol" fans were excited to hear this song being played.

 The next song was  "The Enemy"  as soon as everyone heard the song  raised their arms up and stood proudly holding the "metal horns" into the air.

Nick proceeds to say to the crowd "Sydney, come on" while  throwing  both arms up. The crowd mirrors him and throws their hands up into the air.  Then he says "we haven't played in Australia since 1995" and tells everyone how "excited " he is to be back in Sydney. He proceeds to play "One Second" and "Enchantment".

The Keyboard introduction into the song "Erased" got the crowd swaying from side to side  and everyone started  in unison. The song is from the album "Symbol of life" which was released in 2002 and is one of Paradise Losts heavier albums.

Nick proceed to say, "It's Friday night Sydney, It's a good time to get hammered" the crowd raised there glasses and cheered. 


Medusa was next,  the Crowd sung along to every word of the chorus, this album was released this year and is more doom filled than ever before. Paradise Lost have released European tour dates to go along with this along with this album release. Paradise Lost went straight into "An Eternity of Lies".

Nick proceeded to tell the crowd they have 15 albums and hard to remember all of them and play them live. And proceed to play Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us which is a titled track of their album that came out 13 years ago. He asked the light crew to turn on lights for the begining of the song.

The crowd screams and  cheared as the band play Blood and Chaos and As I Die. And then Nick said "Thank you for being here you have a beautiful city you have here".
Then the band play Beneath Broken Earth and  Embers Fire, crowd cheers and claps after song even louder.

The band walked off stage and the audience start cheering for more so paradise lost came back on stage and played three more songs which were No Hope in Sight, The Longest Winter and Say Just Words.

This truley was a fantastic show and he had interaction with the crowd the whole way through.
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