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Last night three Amazing bands played at the Bridge Hotel in Sydney. Dave Eastgate and Boner Contention, Posionus and Paradise Kitty all hit the stage and put on a tremendous night of rock.


The first Band of the night was the headline act, Dave Eastgate and Boner Contention. Dave walked outside and asked everyone to come inside the music vanue as he was opening and the Headline act and was performing first . As Dave is a comedian by trade, we all knew he was joking so everyone laughed. Everyone went inside for the first set, we knew it would be fun as we know he is a great comedian. The fans got treated to one hell of a comedy metal music session. Boner Contention played hits including Bad Specimen and Little Dick. The whole audience was laughing from the word go and Dave even explained how to make an Apple Bong during his set.

The next band of the night was Poisonus (a cover band from Australia). Poisonus played a strig of hits from Posions Career Including Every Rose Has its Thorn, Your Mama Don't Dance and Fallen Angel. As you looked out into the audience everyone was dancing and singing and it was a great set full of fun and entertainment.


The Fianl band of the night the real headline act Paradise Kitty(sorry dave eastgate and boner contention). Was the critically acclaimed Paradise Kitty who are a 5 peice all Women cover band were From L.A who cover All Guns And Roses Hits.


Paradise Kitty came out on stage one by one and opened up with the first song "Out Ta Get Me" after the first song Jenna said "Holy shit we came half way around the world to be with you tonight, come on let me hear you" as the crowd screams then Jenna says "Alright we are Paradise Kitty from California if you didn't know what party you were rolling into. let me tell you we are here to kick arse, take names, chew bubble gum, while we are doing it mother fuckers. This song is for all you partying with us, are you partying with us lets see your drinks up in the air come on baby this is Mr Brownstone" the crowd cheered and Paradise kitty play "Mr Brownstone".


Jenna asked the crowd if they were having a good time and the crowd cheered, she asked everyone if they are living up to your expectations and the crowd cheered even louder. Then She says "You know where you are" as the fans respond she says "Welcome to the Jungle" and plays the song everyone know and loves


Jenna proceed to say "this is for all the mamas and papas out there if you have raised a child put your hands in the air" and plays Sweet Child. You Could Be Mine, Patience and Mama Kin were up next.


Paradise kitty contuined the set with three more chart topping song "Its So Easy", "My Michelle" and"Use To Love Her". We all knew the words and everyone was singing every word to every song. Paradise kitty finished the night with Paradise City A true song title and a fitting one as we left the venue in paradise after hearing such a fantastic set.


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