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Paradise Kitty is a band of five Guns N’ Roses tribute band from Hollywood. They kicked off with bombastic 1987 debut, Appetite for Destruction. With passion and fire Paradise Kitty took the Sunset Strip in Hollywood and the world by storm.


Comprised of veteran L.A. based drummer, Rachael Rine, bassist Nikki Stevens, lead guitarist Britt “Lightning” Denaro, rhythm axe Hisako Ozawa and front chick, Jenna Syde. We are looking forward to watching Paradise Kitty play one killer show in Sydney on the 30th of September.


We got to speak to Rachel Rine about her upcoming tour and more.


TM- what are you looking forward to most when you're in Australia?

RR- I am looking forward to coming and hanging out with everyone down there. All my friends have played in Australia and they say it is their favourite place to play.


TM- What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

RR- You never know who's going to join us on stage, sometimes we have some surprises jump on stage with us. I make no guarantees, but you never know. Every show we play we make sure everyone in the room is having an amazing time rocking out and having fun its a party.


TM- When was the first time you encountered Guns N Roses?

RR- I was a kid and they videos were on MTV and its something I have grown up with.


TM- What inspired you to play the drums?

RR- I went to a show when I was young and my favourite part of the show was when the music world stop,  breakdown and could hear a kick drum. When something calls to you it calls to you and that was that. It took me a while to start playing though I didn't play till I was a little older. 

TM- Sweet, how long did it take to start you to play?

RR- Around 19 years old back then there was no girl to look up to that did that, I was a young teenager and it felt like an aggressive thing to do. Even then it took me
awhile to come into my own and be who i was.



TM- That is awesome!! I love how you pushed yourself! Good on you!

TM- What advice would you give any that want to join the music industry?

 RR- Have a thick skin, the climate has changed a lot in the last decade it's a completely different climate now compared to when I came into it follow your heart.


TM- Who is your favourite member in Guns N Roses and why?

 RR- I don't think I could pick one each member of Guns N Roses they are all
so  unique and I really have a deep appreciation for who they are and what they do. I don't think I could pick one or the other and I appreciate them for who they are and what they do.

TM- If you could have any band perform one of Guns N Roses songs who would it be and why?

 RR- I think it will be very interesting for a flamingo artist cover one of their songs or something. It would be very different just to hear how a key artist interprets it. I am a very strong believer in a good strong is a good song no matter what style you play it in.



TM- That would be interesting, i would love to hear a version of it!  Maybe you should make a version.


RR- I actually might, you have given me a lot to think about!


TM-Whats your favourite tour memory? 

RR- We just got up two months of solid touring, we were on the road with Faster Pussycat and VH1. Every night had a different flavour, but it has some repetition to it. The best part to me was influencing kids to make music last week. We played with great white under Ross and there were some little girls in the front row singing along, these girls were 4 and 6 years old. They were really little and my singer had them come up sing sweet child with us. They almost brought tears to my eyes seeing these two little girls come up sing sweet child and be a part of the concert.



TM- Awww, that is really sweet!. I love how you brought them up on stage! I hope that influences them to be musicians when they grow up!


RR- Me too!

TM- What's your favourite memory of watching someone else play live?

RR- can I tell you a favourite backstage story I have 

TM- yes, definitely

RR- When I first moved to LA there were two people who inspired me to play
drums, One of them was Tommy Lee and the other one was Lancy caffeo. I was from this small town and if he could make something of his life and go on to play with Ozzy, I could do anything. When I moved to LA,  he kept me under his wing and he looked after me a lot.


When I was at home for the holidays Motley Crue was playing, so we ran into each other at the show and he put me in a headlock and dragged me over to Tommy Lee and said tommy and said this is Rachel she's a drummer, she is so good. Tommy said yeah I know Rachel, but I didn't know she was a drummer. It was such a special moment to have, these two people that changed my life and for them to acknowledge me and give me a moment of respect, that made me feel like I had to step up and make them proud.


TM- If you could perform of any musician live on stage who would it be and why?

 RR- I would probably say even though he's no longer with us, David Bowie. I was not convinced he was human, he was so creative and such an amazing Force. In so many different ways and if I had the opportunity to play with him I would be incomplete.

TM- Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

RR- I'm excited to come to Australia and have so much gratitude to silverback touring. Thank you for bringing us down and to our Australian.


 Fans who have been warmly embracing us there are some killer rock and roll bands that came from down under so hopefully we can come down there and do it justice and have a good time with all of you.



TM- Thank you for this interview, can't wait to see you in Australia!




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