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Twinmusix Talk With Marcos From P.O.D About there Australian Tour And More
What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

100 percent kick area rock and roll... We are going to re visit our album satellite and play it front to back and add some additional hits from records after that. That record was written and put out at a certain time in history that is still revelent today.

How did you feel when satellite went triple platinum?

That was a accomplishment for us as a band and me as a individual. 

In 2003 you changed the style of music you were playing what made you want to go in a different direction?

We had a little bit of a family this disagreement and I wasn't in the band. I started the band with the drummer, so they had a different guitar player, song writer that filled my shoes for two albums.

What gear do you use when you play live?

Mesa boogie amps, pre guitars, the bass player uses Mesa boogie amps and Warwick basses and the drummer plays pearl.

Why did you shorten your name from payable on death to POD?

 We had to make a decision early on that we have to brand ourselves in a certain way that was memorable, we thought that payable on Death was too long and POD would stay in peoples Minds.

 when you first got recognised at the roxy what made you sign if that record company instead of any others as you had already turned down so meny other deals?

We a true independent band putting out records on our own, we gained a pretty substantial in the following and a lot of record companies were coming around offering us deals, we either turned dealers down because it wasn't the right fit or wasn't respectable, Atlantic  records came to the plate and offered us a pretty sweet deal so we took it, we just signed a new deal with Mascot Label Company  and we should be putting out a new album in the summer in the states.

 What was your experience like play on santana's album?

That was a dream for me come true personally, because growing up as a chicano here in America which is of Mexican descent, we are American but if you go back we have Mexican blood, we have always followed Santana and always had the vinals, when I was growing up I always listened to Santana, when I decided to play guitar when I was 13 that's as far as the connection went as my family didn't really listen to heavy rock, they said Jason hey you going to be playing like Santana even though POD doesn't sound like Santana, it was always a dream to do something with Santana as we gain popularity it was easy to touch base with his managers, and talking about doing a collaboration for one of his albums, Santana was totally into it and has pretty much become a mentor for me, musically spirit really he's just a wonderful person, it's a dream come true and an accomplishment to work with him I'm super proud of it.

If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would and in your style or theirs?

 Lana Del Rey doing alive in her style.

 Anything else you'd like to announce to your fans?

 I like to thank the fans for supporting us throughout the years, I know you haven't been down there much but we're going to try and rectify that will be down on this tour to play satellite, once we release a the new record we are talking about returning for another tour, we love Australia we love the people we love the culture and the energy.
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