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P.O.D. played at the factory theater on Friday night and man did they put on one hell of a show. When P.O.D. walked out on stage they said "Sydney, via from California OK Sydney 123" and the Crowd chanted "123" back then Sonny said "Put yoir fist in the air" as the crowd puts their fist up in the air  P.O.D. jumps straight into the first song "set it off". The crowd went wild and started jumping up and down. Half way through song singer said "Do you feel alive sydney" and crowd cheered Then Sonny said "i cant hear you" and crowd screamed louder. 

Sonny then said to the fans "We are playing this album front to back" and proceed to play "Alive" and went straight into "Boom" half way through Sonny said "You guys look incredible, Thank You so so much yall" then he continues singing the Chorus of "Boom" and the cwords sang along with him in unison.

"Youth of the Nation" was the next song and everyone knew the lyrics so Sonny prompted everyone by saying "sing it now". As all the fans sang the chorus to "Youth of the Nation" you felt so involved in the gig and it made you want to watch every upcoming show for this tour.

P.O.D. thanked everyone for coming again and said "You guys are Awesome, Thank You Sydney, fucking yeh this song is called Celestial" then he interacted with the audience again and said "Ok Sydney 1,2... 1, 2, 3, 4" then went straight into satalite.

Sonny jummped off stage after this song and threw himself into the Audience he was singing with the fans and everyone went crazy.  P.O.D. were so involved with the fans and it truly made it a special show.

Sonny then said "We love you guys and crowd cheered, if it wasnt for this record we wouldnt be here" and crowd cheered louder then play song "Ridiculous". Then P.O.D. jumped straight into their next set of songs and kick off with "The Messenjah"  followed by "Guitarras de Amor, Anything Right, Ghetto and Masterpiece Conspiracy"

Sonny stops in his set and says "Yeh man whos got the satalite record" and the crowd cheers "so everyone else doesn't" and the crowd gose silent "who wants to keep the party rolling" and the crowd cheers, this song is called "Thinking About Forever and Portrait"

We are excited to come back, Thank You to our promoter, Thank You to you guys we want to Thank You to our guitar tech Timmy its his birthday. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and Sonny said "Who wants to hear Timmy play a song and the crowd cheered. Marcos handed Timmy his guiter and they played " Southtown". Timmy was amazing at guitar and he rocked the stage and made it a fun atmosphere for everyone.  Sonny said "Make sone noise for Timmy" and crowd clapped and cheered then marcas said to Timmy "Happy Birthday give me my guitar" and the band play " Lost in Forever, On Fire, Strength of My Life followed by Murdered Love"

Sonny says "Hey yall let me see your hands up Sydney everybody jump up crowd jumps along" and plays "Rock the Party". As P.O.D. finished their song they asked everyone to be part of their photo and they took a photo with the fan. Everyone was in such a great mood and loved songs. 

As the lights dimmed and P.O.D. walked off stage everyone started chanting one more song. P.O.D. came back on stage and said we will do two more songs and played "Bullet the Blue Sky" which was originally played by U2 and finished with "will you". After the final two songs P.O.D. said "Have a good night everyone" and walked off Stage. As the lights came on eveyone started cheering as it was such an amazing show and everyone had a great show. 

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