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Overkill review

Overkill was formed in New Jersey in 1980 with bassist D. D. Verni and lead vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth,  they are only two original members left, with many line up changes over the years, Overkill has released 18 studio albums which are...

Feel the Fire (1985), Taking Over (1987), Under the Influence (1988), The Years of Decay (1989), Horrorscope (1991), I Hear Black (1993), W.F.O. (1994), The Killing Kind (1996), From the Underground and Below (1997), Necroshine (1999), Bloodletting (2000), Killbox13 (2003), ReliXIV (2005),  Immortalis (2007), Ironbound (2010),The Electric Age (2012), White Devil Armory (2014), and The Grinding Wheel (2017).

 On the weekend overkill played at the Factory Theatre, before Overkill walked out on stage, there was background music and Jason Bittner was playing along with the backing music on drums, every time Jason Bittner hit the snare drum, the lights flashed and lit up the whole stage, then Overkill walked out a stage and played there the first song Mean, Green, Killing Machine, and the crowd threw there horns up and started headbanging along. Bobby said to the crowd "Australia we will rock you to the core" and played "Rotten to the Core". 

 Then Bobby said "good to see your m************ smiling faces again,  are you ready,  one f****** rule I'm in charge, any f****** problems" and the crowd yelled no then Bobby says  "Are you ready" and the crowd yells yes. then Bobby says "Are you ready to shake and bake electric rattlesnake." And the band proceeded to play "Electric Rattlesnake". And played the next two songs "Hello From the Gutter" and "In Union We Stand"
Bobby then said, "well well well it looks like we've got ourselves a heavy metal show, this is something from you from us to you, from the grinding wheel "Goddamn trouble". This was one song the audience had not heard before played live, followed by the songs, "Wrecking Crew" and "I Hate"

Bobby says "shall we continue" and the crowd screams YES!!!! Then bobby said "I've said it 20 times, but I'll say it again I love Sydney, it's a cool place man, the weather is hot the metal is hotter, the beaches are f****** beautiful, the beer is f****** cold, you have great f****** sites if you know what I mean, and we're going to get together and bang out f****** heads, so way way way way way back when the year was 1991, then played  "Horrorscope" which was on one of Overkills first studio albums.  And then played "Coma" then"Infectious" and "Hammerhead"

Overkill walked off stage and the crowd started chanting one more song, then Overkill ran back on stage and played "Elimination" straight away and the crowd cheered.

Bobby Said"I'm not trying to raise any trouble I'm not that type of a person, I was at the pub last night, I was having a few beers after the show with some people, one guy said what's your favourite city and I said Sydney", he said "you have no heart", then bobby said to the audiance "I'm just a messenger I'm not trying to cause any b******* here, let's face it Melbourne, tell them how we feel, we don't care what you think". then Overkill sang "Fuck You". every time Bobbie sang the words "f*** you" the crowd yelled back at Bobby "fuck you" this song was originally done by "The Subhumans".  To end a fantastic night with so many hits played Overkill, played "Overkill" which was originally a  Motörhead song.
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