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How did your fans respond to your new song?

The response to our latest single "Sinking ships" has been very positive! A few people suggested we play some heavier stuff but we have plenty of heavy stuff in the works and wanted to show that we can be more diverse, also it adds another element to our live performance.


How has your music changed from when you first started?

When we first started we were definitely more straightforward pop-punk but now our sound has developed into a more technical approach with solos, breakdowns and a hardcore vibe.


If you could pick any music festival to perform at in the world, what music festival would you pick and why? 

I think Download festival would probably be on the top of our list. We relate to a lot of the type of bands that play there and we love the diversity within the different styles of rock. Wether it is "State champs' to "Parkway drive" we love all those bands and would be an honor to share the stage!


How do you handle mistakes during your performance?

We have learnt over the years how to deal with them in different ways. You are always going to make mistakes no matter how much you practice, as live shows are incredibly unpredictable. Unless something major happens the best way is to glide straight past them as most of the time the audience won't notice what went wrong and it will not affect the performance at all.


What are your favourite and least favourite venues?

Our favorite venue to play is probably Epic studios, the staff there make you feel very welcome and the facilities are top notch! The least favorite venue we have ever played was a tiny place in Ipswich where the PA was one small speaker and no one was interested, we stopped after a few songs and decided to go watch the world cup instead..


What is the most unusual spot you’ve played a gig?

We have played a few strange ones over the years but i think we played in a college field once to practically no one. We all got bacon rolls though so i would say that we came out on top.


Do you ever change your lyrics during live set?

Occasionally we feel it is necessary to modify a few lyrics. A few were originally written as explicit lyrics but if we are playing them on the radio or at certain shows it may be the right thing to do where you change the odd word or two.


Do you have any CDs/merchandise for sale and where can your fans buy it?

All of our music is for sale on Itunes and similar platforms and new merchandise is in the pipeline which we are very excited about, we have some pretty funky designs waiting to print.


How do you pick which songs are going to be singles from your album?

We tend to choose songs that display a bit of variety and what we feel are right to show where we are in that current place in time.


What’s your favourite moment with your fans?

Just any time we can meet new people and our music connects with them, we love that!


What brand instruments do you use?

Sam uses a Ludwig drumkit.

Ryan uses LTD and Epiphone.

Stuart uses PRS and Epiphone.

Nick uses Fairfield and Fender.


What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?


The best advice i can give to aspiring musicians is to not get put off with rejection and the hard times as i guarantee every band no matter how successful, had the same problems and managed to overcome them.

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