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Our last enemy 

Last weekend Our Last Enemy played at the Chippo Hotel. when I got to the venue I walked down the stairs, into a room that was covered in band posters, there was a stage at the front the venue the venue was small and intermate and got packed with Our Last Enemy fans. 

you could barley move and everyone was excited for the gig as Our Last Enemy were back in thier home town!. When the lights went out the band came on stage and Oliver started singing, the microphone light up red around his face . When Oliver  started singing the crowd went wild and jumping around from side to side to all the songs that knew and loved. The show had red and green lighting and matched the metal music perfectly . 

Our Last Enemy performed 2 new songs that haven't been recorded yet, 1 cover and 4 of their old song. The crowd were singing and rocking with one of their favorite bands

The show was amazing and I would diffintley recommend seeing Our Last Enemy Especially if you like Cradle of Filth this is the band to see.

 Devour the sun
Internus diablos verni
Fight scene (new)
Spitfire (cover)
Long time coming (new)
Wolves of Perigord
10,000 headless horses
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