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We got to speak to Whitfield Crane about his upcoming Orchestra Of Doom tour and more. 

TM - This is Amelia from Twinmusix, Thank You for having this interview with me today.  

WC - Hi, this is Whit Crane.


TM - How is your day going?


WC - Good, I am actually in my hometown and I've finally got some sleep with no responsibilities. It is a nice town with a nice microclimate and it's been nice to see my friends and family and go wow and get a really big sandwich.


TM - I am glad you are enjoying your time off.


WC - Me too.


TM - What can fans expect for this rundown of Orchestra of doom?


WC - It is a 35 piece Orchestra and there are no Marshall stacks, it is analog celebrating. The set will have some old school Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne solo songs, Ugly Kid Joe and some songs from my solo band. It is a sight to behold at the end of the year.


TM - Why did you choose analog?


WC - I was in Italy hanging out with these Orchestra players and he put it all together. I ended up talking to this guy called Andre and he is one of the most badass Orchestra players in the world. I asked him how he would do an orchestra and he said on analog. I played a couple of years ago in Italy to a sold crowd. Orchestra players give their life to music, but not like we do. Orchestra players are amazing and true musicians. They can read music and have given their lives to music. It is a little different because I jam and hang out differently. Writing with an Orchestra is magical. 


TM - How did you come up with the idea for this set?


WC - I went to Italy with my backpack and I am a people person. I started talking to people and I met a bunch of orchestral players and Italian people that drink. I found a polish guy and we became friends. We would talk about all kinds of stuff and I asked him if he could get keys to the Opera Houses in Verona that had amazing acoustics. I told him I wanted to track a Black Sabbath song and asked him to play the violin, he said we could use a whole Orchestra. I said what are you talking about and told me they are looking for new stuff to do right now. Bam it happened and the fact that this got done on manifest in the first place, it is a small miracle.


TM - What inspired you to cover Ozzy Osbourne?


WC - I love the Priest, Sabbath and Bon Scott AC/DC era. Operas always remind me of Black Sabbath in some weird way. When you hear Black Sabbath transcribed to Orchestra you will be like oh my God it's really powerful in it's own way.


TM - Did you ask Black Sabbath before you recorded?

WC - That is a great question, I am friends with the whole band. A week before the show I get a call in Verona from Jack Osbourne, Ozzy's son. He said "Hey, How you going?" and I said "What's up brother". He goes, "Hey Bro, mom wants to send you something". I asked him what it was and he said "I'm not telling you" and I said "Is it bad?". I gave them my address and a box came in the mail. Inside was all this incredible Black Sabbath merchandise and a note saying stuff that Ozzy Osbourne uses to get ready for his show. There were things like a special thermas for his tea and there was a letter Ozzy wrote and the whole family signed the letter.


TM - That is awesome man, what a sweet gift to receive. 


TM - What was the writing process, how did you go changing it from rock songs and Orchestra set?

WC - Andre would sit there and listen to the song and paint it in his head and write it for an orchestra. We started the show, I said what do you think it's going to sound like. he said a piece of music, it sounded good in my head.


TM - Awesome, we cannot wait to hear it.


TM -Is there anywhere else you want to play?


WC - Europe for sure, the thing about playing with an orchestra is that forces you to play in these Crazy Beautiful Rooms. I love playing in any pub club or room with any band.


TM - How long did it take to change your music to rock music? 


WC - It was pretty quick, Andre did his thing and changed it all over.


TM - How have fans responded to your music so far?


WC - They are stoaked, peoples minds are more open these days. Music like this orchestral music in general.


TM - Who else would you cover?


WC - Judas Priest, I love their music.


TM - That would be awesome, I love Judas Priest. They are one of my favourite bands.  


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


WC - Come and support the show, orchestra of doom coming for you.


TM - Thank You for the Interview. I cannot wait for your show. 

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