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Twinmusix chat with Nicolas from Novelosts to chat about their new Album

How did you all meet and to form a band?

We met in 2013 so the guitarist and drama are brothers they have been doing music together for years. I think I'll Singer Matt meet them on the Internet I think Myspace or something like And I had known my single for 8 years, he told me do you need to say these New brothers that doing amazing music, he showed it to me and I was like oh yeah I want to be a part of it, I told them I don't know what I am going to do in the band But I want to be a part of it, the band And they told me OK we need another guitar player So I asked my former guitar player to come and that was It basically.

How did you come up with the name for your band Novelists?

I had a previous band like I said I have known my Singer for years Because I was with him in a previous band We had this song out on an album that was called the Novelist When we were brainstorming for band names this name came up and we liked how it And what it represented.

How long did it take you to make your new album Noir?

took us about one year, Really thought it would be shorter, But it ended up being a very long process. My guitarist is trained in classical music. In classical music, there's one fit that goes fast and 1 bit that goes slow And He wanted to bring that into metal He started to write this music that was three songs put into one. And he wrote 2 of them And we thought it would make sense If he wrote 4 of the songs And we thought let's put a different feeling A different guitar to name Just to make it very different from one in other Just so it's like a menu on what you're feeling that day.

You just released your new album Noir how did you come up with the album cover?

The album cover represents the journey through the dark feelings were talking about in the lyrics It's set in 4 chapters The dusk night Dawn and day And we wanted to showcase that in the artwork  It's a parallel for you the journey This dark feeling the depression and the day.

If you could have any band perform one of your songs which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or there’s?

I would say Deftones doing monochrome in their style.

How did you come up with your music video for souvenirs?

We have a director we work with all the time. And we really appreciate what he does. We Really I trust him a lot and what we usually do is Tell him here is the music, do whatever you want. Then he sends us What he wants to do say yes most of the time. We just trust him And trust he has Better taste than us.


Who writes the music in your band or do you all write it together?

There are two brothers in the band they are the ones that write everything. They always do half the songs each. That's why there has always been this schizophrenic side to the band. Its always two writers so its always two types of songs. In the band science the beginning. Which I think is a great thing because it makes it less boring.

What’s your favourite concert memory?

A show we played in Germany a year ago with a breakdown of sanity. We played in a venue with five hundred people. We were opening so we didn’t know if people would know us or not. We started playing and everyone was going bananas. So I think that was my favourite show.

When you go on tour how often do you change your set list?

When we are on tour we don’t change it. We will change it every time we go on a new tour.

Do you ever change your lyrics in a live set?

I remember sometimes he didn’t remember the lyrics that he wrote. So sometimes he changes them

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