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Nonpoint is an American rock band that was Founded in 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The band currently consists of vocalist Elias Soriano, drummer Robb Rivera, rhythm guitarist Rasheed Thomas, bassist Adam Woloszyn, and lead guitarist Bradley Kochmit.

Twinmusix got to speak to Elias Soriano from Nonpoint about there upcoming tour and more.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

ES - We are definitely going to bring our best songs and the highest level of energy, It is what we are known for over here in the states. We want to bring the energy everywhere we go. We will try and get the crowd as ready as we can.


TM - How did you come up with your set list?


ES - We normally play the ones that are requested from our Aussie fans. We will play our fans favourite songs and some songs off our new record.


TM - How did fans respond to your new album X?


ES - We are getting a lot of love for our new record, especially on the streaming platforms.


TM - That is great news about your new album. What was your writing and recording process for X?


ES - We recorded our new album at uptown studios in Chicago. That is the same place we recorded the "Poison Red" with producer Fred Archambault. He is a great guy and it was a great experience. We pretty much had the songs written and he came in and gave us some awesome production perspectives.


TM - What is your favourite memory with Fred? 


ES- My favourite memory with Fred was the monumental moment of the rebranding of the quote on quote video. We first started in this band before Fred became involved. There was a particular video that we all spoke about and everything was compared to that video. 


It got to a point where it was like, "Hey, is it as bad as The Video" and he would say yes or no. That would determine that you were willing to look at any meme or video clip that they were willing to show you. 

Fred is a very interesting fellow in a very funny way and comes across some very interesting content. He showed us one video that is now "The Video" and it is a monumental one. He made us part of the family with literally one gif.


TM - Are you going to tell us what it is? 


ES - Absolutely not, but the first video I am going to tell you is two girls one cup but everything now is based on the video and it's just good Lord it's pretty crazy.


TM - (laughs) If I ask Fred what the video is, would you let him tell me. 


ES - Absoultely, If you find out you can post it on your website.


TM - (laughs) I am sure that will get a lot of hits to my website.


TM - What are you most looking forward to doing in Australia?


ES - Drink much coffee as I possibly from Australia, your coffee is amazing.


TM - Our coffee is pretty good. Have you had Tim Tams?


ES - Yes Chocolate covered candy. It is from Australia, you can hit me with all that stuff. I love it there, I absolutely love it there.


TM - Your song circles was on a NASCAR video game how did that come about?


ES - We had some friends who were fans that worked in the ESPN EA Sports Realm and put the bug in a couple of ears. We played this songs for them they asked us what we thought of being on some of these video games. A lot of our friends are fans of video games and gaming culture so we decided to do it. Guitar Hero reached out to us and asked us for a song so that will be fun.


TM - That is cool, I suck at guitar hero (laughs). Are you any good at it?


ES - I can play, it is a great game.


TM - What was your favourite memory from touring with the Butcher Babies?


ES - Getting everyone together in Los Vegas to have an amazing night, we had fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.


TM - You also do it with disturbed?


ES - Yes they are like family to us, it makes for an awesome memory.


TM - You are also touring with Hellyeah.


ES - We got that offer a few days ago. Those guys are going for a lot right now. I have known those guys for about 20 years so to be able to celebrate with them is amazing. It will be awesome to see them on stage.


TM - I noticed you do an acoustic meet and greet with your fans, what inspired that?

ES - We do Acoustics for the radio stations sometimes and our fans like to see us do it in our VIP meet and greet experience. It has been really good.


TM - It sounds fun and looks really entertaining.


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be, which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?


ES - Metallica doing Dodge of Destiny. It is a really heavy energetic song and they would kill it.


TM - That would be sweet man, I love Metallica. Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


ES - Get out to the show and the more you engage on our social media the more we learn about you.


TM - Thank You so much for this interview today and we cannot wait to see you in Sydney. 

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