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Neil Hilborn
Twinmusix chat to Poet Neil HIlborn about his Australian Tour and up coming book

what can fans expect from your Australian tour?

This tour I thought about getting fancy with it and doing music and videos but I figured what I'm best at is poems and stories. It will be me talking for an hour being sad and some humour and funny stories. I try to have a range of emotions at the beginning pretty funny and then getting pretty dark and then maybe sad. Just lots of talking and entertaining.

Will you tell any new stories on your tour?

Definitely one of the things I’m doing right now is really doing my set at the moment, I want to bring a lot of new stories and pines on this tour. I have a new book coming out this April so I'm trying to pick out the things out of that book that work. I will do the stuff with a lot of hits on the internet but I'll also add new stuff to make people feel like they are having an authentic experience.

What's your favourite story from your last book?

I grew up in Texas and now live in Minnesota, I tell the story about coming to Minnesota and not understanding winter or not knowing what cold weather is like, so when I moved to Minnesota I only owned shorts because that's what I wore all year round in Texas. My first winter was 5° outside I took a shower and walked outside with my hair were and my hair froze to my forehead, not thinking at all I went to brush my hair and a piece broke off my forehead. So I tell this story about me being in prepared for winter so the story is about 8 minutes and the poem that leads into it is a minute long.

Can you tell your fans more about the poetry workshops you run?

I don't run them much anymore because the demand hasn't been there as much. A lot of what I have done in the last four years is tour colleges in the USA and what goes along with my during the show is running a workshop. It’s a facilitated writing group basically we get a group of people together and write pines and share them with each other, my favourite thing is we create this instant community, after I run that workshop and show they normally start a writing group. I still do that upon request so if people want that type of thing get in touch with me on my booking email on Facebook.

What's it like to Tour University’s in the USA?

I've had a lot of fun with it as my job it's a mixed bag really. It's a lot of fun and I learned a lot from it but you never know what the show will be like till you walk into the venue.

What are you looking forward to doing in Australia?

One of my favourite bands is Mountain Goat and john the singer from the band had a wombat hugging him and john had this picture as is profile pic for the longest time and it's one of the things that drew me to the band. Wombats are one of my favourite animals I have loved them science I was a kid.

Can you share any new stories?

I was in Scotland me and my tour manger almost got in to a fight in Glasgow. Everyone I know is Americans and they said to me people will fight you when you are drunk and I said don't stereo type people. One night after the show in Glasgow my tour manger and I were walking back to the hotel and we stopped at a bar that's a beautiful old converted church. Mark and I were sitting in the corner of the bar being loud idiots and there where these three dudes staring at us in the corner of the bar and I looked at Mark and said don't look now but we might have to fight some guys. I looked there way and one of the guys said g’day mate and I said hey what's up how's it going and he said where are you from and we said Minnesota we preformed down stairs. Very quickly we transferred from we are going to fight these guys to having Marks head in a headlock and getting a nookie.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

My serious announcement is my next book is coming out April 17th of next year. And my mom serious announcement is I've never worn a tank top but I've looked at what the weather will be like when I'm in Australia so I think I'll have to start.
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