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Mortiis originally played in Emperor between 1991-1992 . In 1993 Mortiis decided to do a black metal solo project that formed in Norway. His original music was mostly instrumental and his style of music drew in fans from everywhere. 

 In 1993 Mortiis released his first album "Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost". In 1994 Mortiis released his debut album "Født til å Herske" . He continued this year with releasing a full lenght album titled "Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør".This album was released on CD and gatefold LP formats, and was latter limited to 300 copies.


 In 1995 he released "Keiser av en Dimensjon Ukjent". It came on a golden CD, and the LP was a picture disc wrapped in a giant poster. This album was limited to 500 copies which were numbered by the record label. They have released countless limited editions over the years.

In 2001 mortiis fotmed as a band shortly after the release of "The Smell of Rain" and brought out "The Grudge" in 2004. Mortiis have brought out a number of albums in between and brought out a new album titled "The Unraveling Mind" last year.


Last night mortiis played at the factory floor the red lights casts over the stage and Mortiis took the floor. He walked out and stood in front of his sympathiser, as the fans cheered he started playing his songs from his solo career, and everyone was really excited that he was playing the music he wrote by himself.


Mortiis wowed the audience with all his instrumental pieces and everyone swayed along to his music. The crowd clapped after every song and couldn't wait for more of the hour long set. Mortiis thanked the crowd for being there at his almost sold out Sydney show and everyone cheered after he said thank you.


As he played his last song the crowd loved it, and they were disappointed that the concert was over. No one wanted to leave the venue and everyone was ecstatic to see him on his first Australian tour.

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