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Miss May I are an American metalcore band from Troy, Ohio that were  Formed in 2007. They released their debut album 'Apologies Are for the Weak' while they were still in high school.


Miss May I have returned to Australia once again for a amazing show with support act Sylar from New York. When Sylar came on stage not many people had heard of them except by the end of their set, new and old fans were jumping around and really getting into their music.


Miss May I came on stage and every one was really excited for one of their favourite bands to be back in Australia playing their show, and all their fans favourite songs. Levi Benton blew the audience away when he started singing and the crowd knew every word.


When Miss May I started playing 'Hey Mister' the crowd went crazy and started up a circle pit, everyone was jumping in and dancing around. It was quite a unique experience and man do they know how to keep their audience engaged.

The last song had finished and the band walked off stage everyone started yelling "one more song", the band once again returned back to the stage and played two more songs. They finished off the gig by throwing out four drum sticks to the audience it was a great night i would definitely see them again in Australia.

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