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Twinmusix  Talk With Robin McCauley About Michael Schenker fest Album And More

 What can fans expect from your new album Michael Schenker fest?

 The Michael Schenker effect is very different in so far as it covers the history of the singers, it's all recorded and performed with Michael right from the beginning with Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and myself during the McCauley Schenker period and on the temple of rock period Doogie White, all on the new album scheduled for released March 2nd it will be called Resurrection, there's a single that's already up on YouTube called Resurrection as a teaser for the album, it's really cool we all get to sing individual songs and then we all get to perform together for the first time in the history of Michael Schenker, we start the US tour March 6th.

 what was the recording process for your new album Resurrection?

 it was very unconventional simply because we all live in different parts of the world, I live in the US, Graham lives in the US, Gary Barden lives in Bangkok and Doogie White, Chris Glen and Ted McKenna lives in Scotland, Steve lives in Germany and Michael Schenker lives in the UK. it was very unconventional way of recording and what i mean by that is we did a bunch of shows in Europe and japan last year. Michael Voss the producer brought studio equipment out on the road with us and we would cut the vocal track in hotel rooms, Michael Voss came to LA for one of my trucks so I went to his hotel room and recorded the track there, it was fun it was crazy but we got the job done. Then we had some rehearsal time before we played bang your head festival in Germany last year. so we managed to do the photoshoot for the album some rehearsing for the festival, in addition to doing some extra recording, and it's also very put the clip together for our single Warrior.

 I remember when I got into Germany for the bang your head festival, I had flew in from LAX and I had just gotten off an 11 hour flight, I got to my room at 3 p.m. in the afternoon and popped my bags down, and I could hear all this singing and noise and I was like wtf, then I thought wait one minute that sounds like Gary Barden voice, so I walked out on this little balcony of my room I was like holy s*** this guy is next door, so I went out into the hallway and just pounded on the door, and Gary Barden opens the door and goes hello mate and says come on in we are cutting vocals, and I say dude keep the noise down, so after about 30 minutes of being there I started cutting vocal tracks it was kind of funny and alit of fun.

 Kirk Hammett plays the first song  on your new album 'Heart And Soul'. What was it like having him play on your album?

It was the last song i worked on and Michael Voss flew to LA so I could work on that track, I wrote the lyrics the melody and recorded it in Michael Voss hotel room then Miahael Voss took his pro tools and his tracks to Hawaii and he recorded krik Hammetts guitar solos.

 if you could have any band play one of your songs, which  song would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?

 Led Zeppelin or The Beatles

 In 2016 you toured through Europe and Japan did that inspire you to make the new album that you're making?

 The new album was Michael Shankers idea it was a new concept. In regards to Japan we had lined a festival called loud park in Tokyo we had 37 thousand people watching us, it was amazing, we also played in Japan last year and recorded a live DVD and what I noticed was there was a whole new bunch of new fans younger fans a whole new fanbase of younger rockers, they all knew the songs and were singing along they knew the songs which was very touching. we expected that the loyal MSG fans would come out and see us. the Japanese fanbase is incredible I can't say enough about them the loyal fans and love there music.

 how did you meet Michael Schenker?

 I was with an English band called Grand Prix, we were on the same record label as MSG, Michael and some of the band members came out to see our show in London and the next day I got a call to see if I would be interested in joining the Michael Schenker group, we had just released a new single with Grand Prix and we were about to go on tour with a support band so I was committed to that, so I got bad press saying how can this guy refused to join Michael Schenker. as luck would have it four years later I was working in Germany I was working on a project called far cooperation and we had re-recorded a version Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  I got a call from Michael Schenker and I was the last of 17 singers to audition and I was the one they picked.

What was your experience like playing with whitesnake?

 that was awesome that was in the 80s when other people had the big hair and everything, we had released album and we got to do all the UK tours with Whitesnake.  We have a show in Las Vegas called raiding the rock vault and Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake plays and lost get full list LINK here 
We have been voted number 1 show in Las Vegas for the last four years.

Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?

 I hope the Michael Schenker fest will expand it's tour to Australia and meet the Australian fans. We would like to thank all our fans for supporting us and listening to us over the years, thank you very much.
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