Band Name: Methane



Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals

Jimi Masterbo - Lead Guitar

Dylan Campbell - Guitar, backing Vocals

Andreas Strom – Drums


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Genre: Southern metal, groove metal and trash metal


How did the public respond to your first EP Southern Metal in 2012?

 Southern Metal was originally meant as a demo. We recorded those songs so we had something to show clubs and start giging. We are very humbled by the response actually and surprised. Both our EP singles are being met over our expectations, but now we have a full length recorded in the final production process and I promise you the quality of this recording is phenomenal, it's both new versions of the older songs and a bunch if new stuff . Alot of balls in our next release.


In 2014 you toured Scandinavia and the USA, What is your favourite concert memory?


Yeah, that was really a breakout year for us. We got a bunch of monster gigs. We played alot at home in Sweden , but got the chance to go over to the states too.  We played an awesome show in our home town in New Jersey and the Rage of Armageddon Festival in Brooklyn, NY , with thrash legends like Whiplash and Blood Feast it was alot of fun. We also made it up to Trondheim Norway one of Scandinavias metal meccas.




How has putting your Albums online increased your popularity and furthered your music career?


Social media plays a major role in building a fan base and connecting with people. I love it in that aspect. Of course you have to have the material out so people can hear it. I mean…The downside is obviously, pirating and free sharing etc. where there is no chance to make anything back for future recordings.


What do you do when you’re not performing?


We mostly work to pay for our music addiction. Hang out; go to shows as much as we can.


What bands influence your style of music?


Our influence are all over the board. From thrash to Southern rock to country/blues to deathmetal. We as musicians are influenced differently Jimi and I have played in Deathmetal bands for years and really love thrash. Dylan comes from a more of a hardrock background so it mixes up really well in our writing.


What brand of instruments do you use?


We are not currently endorsed.

 I personally use Ibanez Destroyer first bass. I recorrded the upcomming album on a W wich dounded amazing.

Jimi plays Dean razors mostly with Methane. He has a killer Ibsnez 7 string he uses to shred with and a Les Paul.

Dylan's first is a Les Paul and he has a mean BC Rico Iron Bird as well

Andreas plays drums


What’s your favorite song to perform?

 New Devil's Own

Old  Scars and Bars

Where do you see your band sound in the future, are you looking for a similar sound or are you going to go in a different direction?


Right now we are a few songs deep into writing for the next album. We have some super heavy fast songs and even a ballad. We try to keep it dynamic, kind of like Hell yeah where they can play a kick ass acoustic song like Alcoholin Ass then pull it 15 notches and blast a super heavy song still staying true to themselves.


If you could have any band/performer sing of your songs, which would it be and would it be in your style or theirs?


Noah Gundersen in his style would be intense. Something like that. I still love those 90's industrial remixes they did back then with bands like Fear Factory. I think it is much cooler if you cover a song when a bands puts themselves into the song and makes their own version of it, I mean we already heard the original, right?


As we are promoting your band, is there anything coming up like album launches or tour dates you would like us to promote on our site for you?


We are and have been all year tour up here in Scandinavia Orebro Sweden on September 10 and Trondheim Norway September 16. We are working on some Finland dates near the end of October. Unfortunately we were forced to postpone a U.S. tour we had planned this year because immigration issues of one of our American members. But that should be worked out soon so we will have that to announce shortly too I hope.

As far an album release we are getting very close. I hope it can be released this fall pending really on who is going to be releasing it