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Twinmusix chatted with Max from Max and Iggor today to talk about their Return to roots tour
What can fans expect from your Australia show?
I think it going to be really exciting, the Return to Roots shows have been amazing and we have played European festivals. A lot of shows in America. Australia is going to be great because it’s with Skindred, which is a great band. This is going to be a great show its one of the last stops of our tour. So  I think the crowd should be very special to be closing in Australia. We have been going for about two years. I think it’s going to be an energetic exciting show.
What inspired you to write your album the roots?
Roots was inspired by Brazilin Culture, it’s the tribal stuff from the Indians. We went to Brazil to record with the Sevantis, also the down tuning and the heaviness and more simple approach, more direct kind of songs but really powerful. We really catch Chords like Root Bloody Roots added to Ratamahatta. It’s a really inspiring record. Everyone from Dave Grohl to Chino from the Death Tones are really big fans of this album so I’m really proud of this record.
How long did it take you to write?
All together it was about six months. Writing the riffs, jamming, practicing and then going to Malibu California, then going to Brazil, then mixing.
You are bringing out a new album at the end of the year how is that going?
It’s going great, we recorded it in Arizona in the middle of the desert in a bunker underground. We went underground to record our album as it was so cool. Outside was desert really hot and you went underground. It was kind of like area 51really crazy and creepy and really wild. The album comes out in October with Napalm records. It’s a mix album with death metal and thrash metal all together, with Arthur he’s a producer who did Power Trip and Inquisition. I’m very excited I think it’s going to be great.
Who inspired you to go into music?
We went to see Queen in Brazil in 1981and queen had a great show. It was in a soccer stadium, they were touring for their album the The Game. They were up on their game at that point it was an amazing show. We became rock and rollers right after that. I was 11 Iggor was 10 years old. After that we discovered Black Sabbath ,AC/DC, Deep Purple and then we discovered heavier and heavier till we discovered Venom Slayer and that’s when we decided to form Sepultura, around 82.
How do you find it different from playing as Sepultura to Max and Iggor?
It’s great we grew up together, we started playing music together. I think our first recording was when I was thirteen. Iggor was twelve really young. Music saved our life it took us out of Brazil. A lot of our friends got into drugs, crime and ended up dead or in jail. We had a chance to make it out of Brazil out of the third world. I’m forever grateful for that. After splitting up from Sepeltura we have a chance to pay tribute to the album. 21 years later playing Roots it’s an amazing thing.
And who does he look up to most in the music?
A lot of the older guys are my inspiration like Ozzy Osbourne, Richard Blackmore. Bands like Scorpion, AC/DC even the rolling stones. In metal I like the classics Iron Maiden, Judas Priest. And the newer stuff Burzum, Psycroptic, Destroyer 666. There’s good music everywhere you just have to look for it.
 On your new album what’s your favourite song?
My favourite song is the one with Justin from Godflesh, it’s called Hellfire. It’s a collaboration song. It sounds like Godflesh, Old Ministry and industrial kind of metal. A lot of really low tuned guitars. We sing about the Drone Attack the military used in the Middle East. It’s a really powerful song. It came out really cool.
If you could have any band perform one of your songs, which band and song would you choose and would it be in your style or there’s?
I would love to hear Motor Head if they were still around covering some of my old songs like Refuse and or Roots Bloody Roots. Metallica covering Roots would be great.
Any random facts that your fans don’t know?
Me and Iggor drink a Redbull everytime before we play. We do a Redbull cheer. Then we go on and play. It became a ritual. We collect soccer shirts we get free soccer shirts when we play. The promoter has to get us soccer shirts.
Crazy fan storys?
There have been a couple of crazy fan ones. When I created Soulfly, we had a song called Bumba where I say ‘bring the shit.’ So a fan made me a plastic shit and brought it to the signing section and said here Maz I brought the shit. One guy one time asked me to sign HIS baby’s head, it was a two month old baby, of course I didn’t want to sign his baby’s head but he was so insistent. So  I ended up drawing an axe on his hand.
Do you have anything you want to announce to your fans?
Prepare for a great show, they are going to have a great time. They can expect an amazing show. We are very excited for this Australian tour. More excited than before because it’s a really special record. The roots shows tend to be real nostalgic so it brings back a lot of memories. I can’t wait, Australia is huge for me. I sell more records there than anywhere else. I love the fans there it’s a beautiful country. I’m really excited to be back I can’t wait.
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