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We got to speak to Max from Max and Iggor about his upcoming Australian tour and more. 

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

MAX - It is really great, it is going to be a really powerful set. We did the same set last year in South America and Russia and I absolutely loved. It is a celebration of these records that are really meaningful to us and the life of our fans. We play really well and have a lot of the fans that want to hear us on the drums and singing. They will like it better than our roots tour they will be an Unforgettable bunch of shows fans will really love it.


TM - This sounds really exciting, I can't wait to see it live!. You guysalways do an Amazing performance.

TM - What's your favorite song to peform live?

MAX - Right now I like stuff we don't play much such as stronger than Hate and Infected Voice. After we have played our two records we are going to throw in some of our older music it's a surprise so our night will become an event not just another concert.


TM - What's your favourite thing to do while you're in Australia?

We are mostly there to play the shows but we have also been to some zoos and beaches at is very beautiful.


TM - You vote with Korn on your song look away how was that experience?

MAX - It was great, it was a bit of an experimental truck. We worked with some drum Loops, Iggor made a drum with a loop and put it in a sequence computer. We had a real heavy guitar riff going on top of it the we had Mike Patton, me and Jonathan Davis me and Mike had no lyrics we were just screaming gibberish but Jonathan wrote some lyrics it's a crazy track.


TM - You recorded an album Roots with a Brazilian tribe what inspired you to do that?

MAX - It started little by little and was an appreciation for our own roots and discovering the fact that we were this Brazilian metal band that we're from Brazil and that we're different from the rest of the world. With the album roots we decided to embrace our Origins and embrace our roots so to go inside our roots. The most unique and old the most unique and all Brazilian music is tribal music the music has been there for thousands of years.

TM - You played 70,000 Tons this year, how was your experience?

MAX - The whole thing is great, it is something that you will never forget you have 3000 fan / pirates going nuts for 4 days. You will see a lot of shows, I saw Dark funeral and they were awesome there is no backstage show Everyone meets everyone it's very fun.


TM - 70,000 Tons of metal is definitely on my list, I need to go sometime.


TM - What's your favorite memory of watching someone else peform live?

MAX - Watching Black Sabbath is real, when we opened for Black Sabbath in 96 it was the first reunion show they did and it was like watching the Godfathers of music play.


TM - That's sweet, I love a Black Sabbath. What an experience. 

TM - You sold your very first KISS collection when you were 15 to get a dragon tattoo, what made you want to get a tattoo?

MAX - I was just trying to be a rebel and that is a rebel thing. I sold my kiss collection and got a tattoo but this tour there was a girl that bought me the whole kiss collection and gave it back to me it was really nice of her I was speechless.


TM - That is so sweet of her, what a cool collection to own again. 

TM - What's your favourite tattoo you have and why?

MAX - Right now I really like my neck tattoo of the Brazilian tribal.

TM - Zyon plays drums for you what's the story behind it?

MAX - Zyon sat behind all the soulfly drummers on tours and learnt all our music by ear, he was like a sponge soaking everything in and he put him in his own elements. Now he is on fire Iggor has given him drum peices for Christmas and birthdays Iggor is very proud of Zyon.


TM - Your other son sings in insides what is it like bringing your whole family on tour together?

MAX - It's cool it's a true metal family and it's always an amazing time.

TM - Anything else you want to say to your fans?

MAX - Don't miss this show it's going to be epic and life changing.


TM - Thank You for the interview today, we can't wait to see you guys in Sydney. 





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