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Machine Head celebrated their new album Catharsis last night and played a highly anticipated three hour set with an extensive back catalogue of the hits you know and love. ‘An evening with Machine Head’ hit the Enmore last night, and man was it a brutal show! In true Machine Head style there was crowd surfing from the word go and this ensured everyone was in for one hell of a night.

As the stage lighting dimmed, we could only anticipate what was going to happen next as the one and only Front man and rhythm guitarist Rob Flynn hit the stage and screamed with the crowd. He was shortly followed by Phil Demmel on Lead guitar, Jared MacEachern on bass and Dave McClain on Drums.

They kicked off the night with their song "Imperium", which is full of heavy riffs and their true thrash metal sound. The crowd went crazy headbanging over the barriers as Machine Head tore up the stage. Machine Head followed with songs Volatile, Now we Die, Beautiful Morning, and "The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears" and Kaleidoscope.


After the band had wowed the audience with one amazing song after another, Robb did an extraordinary guitar solo followed by a speech that engaged the fans with every word and as he spoke the crowd they went crazy. "Welcome to an evening with Machine Head, God damn Friday night in Sydney Australia. Let me see your Hands in the sky one more time. Holy Shit, Look at all those god damn beers in the sky right now." As Robb finishes his speech they jump started into Darkness Within.



Machine Head continued with some classic hits including Ten Ton Hammer, Is there anybody out there and Locust. As the crowd went crazy to every song the atmosphere was ecstatic. As Machine Head finish their song Beyond the Pale, Dave McClain proceeded to play his drum solo and knocks the crowd dead. He attacked the drums with brutality and played with passion and fire.


Bulldozer, Killers and Kings and Davidian were next on the list and everyone sang every word to every song. As the lights dimmed Machine Head walked off stage and the crowd started chanting "Machine fucking head, Machine Fucking head". They came back on stage and played Descend the Shades of Night, None but my Own and Triple Beam. Machine Head walk off stage again and the crowd start chanting again.

Machine Head came out and wowed the crowd with a second encore. As they played Aesthetic of Hate, Game Over and Old. The lights dimmed and the crowd started cheering "one more song" and Machine Head closed with their hit Halo.


Machine Head put on an amazing show and everyone had an exciting time. We could listen to hours more of Machine Head and would enjoy going to every show on this tour.






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