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Living Colour are from New York City and were formed in 1984. Living colours influences were heavy metal, funk, jazz, hip hop, punk, and alternative rock. Their lyrics range from the personal, political, Eurocentrism and racism in America. Living Colour have released 6 studio albums. Living Colour is Led by guitarist Vernon Reid, the bands lineup solidified in the mid-80's with Corey Glover (vocals), Will Calhoun (drums) and Doug Wimbish (bass).

Last night Living Colour played at the Metro Theater In Sydney for their 30th anniversary. As fans quickly entered the venue for Living colour you knew you were in for a great show and we couldn't wait to hear their songs off their album vivid and some of our other hits. 

As Living Colour walked onto the stage everyone cheered with excitement, living colour kicked off their set with "Middle Man" to be followed by "Desperate People, Funny Vibe, Open Letter (To a Landlord), Ignorance Is Bliss and Come On. The fans knew every word and Corey hit every note perfectly, it was a fantastic reminder as to why everyone came to see such a phenomenal band perform live. 


Next up was "Memories Can't Wait" this song was originally written and sung by "Talking Heads" in 1979 and covered by The Living Colour in 1988, living colour did a fantastic version of it. Living colour performed "Broken Hearts, This Is the Life, Glamour Boys, Love Rears Its Ugly Head and Type / Which Way To America. As you looked into the fans you could see the fans cheering and dancing. 


Living Colour had two solo performances set up for the night. As Doug Wimbish played a Bass solo the crowd cheered for more he played with his teeth and it was a sigth to see. Will also got to perform a drum solo which was off the charts and it showed us what brilliant musicians living colour are. 


To finish off the night Living Colour played "Living Colour play, Cult of Personality and Time's Up. Living Colour put on an amazing set and it made you want to watch the show again. It was a fabulous night for everyone and I suggest you go and rock out with them next time they are in Australia.


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