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Living Colour is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1984. Led by guitarist Vernon Reid, Corey Glover on vocals, Will Calhoun on drums and Muzz Skillings on bass.


Living Colours music is a creative fusion influenced by heavy metal, funk, jazz, hip hop, country, and alternative rock. Living Colour are heading to Australia and we got to talk to Corey Glover about his upcoming tour.


TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

CG - We are going to play stuff from our 30th anniversary of our album vivid and some of our other hits.

TM -How do you pick the setlist for touring?

CG - We figure out our setlist while we were out on tour we like to switch things around.

TM -  You been to Australia a few times now is there anything you really want to see?

CG - I would like to go to the beach if we have time. The people in Australia are really nice and appreciate what we do. 

TM - We definitely appreciate artists in Australia, and it is such a treat to have you come here again. 

CG - Thank you 

TM - You released your new album shades how have fans responded to it?

CG - Fans have responded pretty well but a lot of people don't know that we have a new record out so the more people that hear it the better it becomes. 


TM - Definitely, hopefully everyone spreads the word about your new album and we can hear some of it on your Australian tour.

TM - Can we expect anything in the future?

CG - I would personally like to get in the studio next year and write another album you never know it depends on people's schedules and where our heads are at as a band.


TM - One of your song's got played at WrestleMania how did this come about?

CG - CM Punk heard our song when he was a kid they played it on the field when he played Little League so it has a sentimental value to him. When he decided he was doing WrestleMania he decided that would be his entrance music.


TM - That is sweet dude, I watch WWE.


CG - who is your favourite wrestler?

TM - I have only been watching wrestling for the past year as I never really grew up around the sport. I personally like Roman Reigns I know he is portrayed as the bad person in WWE. I also like the undertaker and Triple H.


TM - Who is your favorite wrestler?

CG - I love CM Punk but he's not wrestling anymore, CM Punk doing is now doing MMA.

TM - Sweet, yeh I watch it when I get a chance.

CG - What's your favorite band?

TM - The Doors and Judas Priest

TM - How about you?

CG - There a band called Bad Wolf and I'm a big Elvis Presley fan as well

TM - I read about you liking Elvis music, Did Elvis influence your music style?

CG - I listen to all blues music and then I discovered Elvis. He was doing Blues Tunes I was like wow he kind of mix is the Blues Tunes with the rock tunes and makes a whole new thing that was amazin.

TM - I really want to go to Gracelands.

CG - Yeah gracelands, I have been there a few times it is a really interesting place.


TM - I can't wait to visit it one day.

TM - I heard you want to be on Broadway one day, is that right?

CG - Yeh

TM -  If you could pick any show to perform in what would it be and why?

CG - A couple of years ago I did a tour of Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted neeley and they thought I want to do that I want to do it Carl Anderson is doing. I have done my dream job so anything else that comes along is just gravy for me.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

CG - Sevendust performing on about songs in their style

TM - If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

CG- Santana or David Bowie


TM - Sweet, those two artists are fantastic. I saw Santana live in Europe this year, he is a fantastic musician.

TM - What is your favorite tour memory?

CG - Seeing Prince for the first time was incredible we went to Minneapolis and he invited us to jam with him at his house.


TM - That's a cool story to tell.

TM  -  If you could choose any songs title as a biography title what would it be and why?

CG - Still crazy after all these years for obvious reasons

TM - Your music transcends into many different genres what inspired you to write this way?

CG - Lifewhat we write about as a band is where I live sat at any particular point in time the songs rewrite together are a collective understanding on the road works.

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

CG - Come to our show watch our set and I'd love to meet all our fans.


TM - Thank you so much for this interview today, we can't wait to see you in Australia.



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