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Twinmusix Talk To Like Thieves About Their Upcoming Tour And More


what can fans expect from your upcoming tour?


Choreographed dance moves and matching sweaters


What gear do you use on stage (guitars, amps, drums, bass, rigs) brands and model numbers?


I use an Axe Fx 2 and Furman power conditioner straight into the PA/fold backs and my main guitar is a custom Oni 8 string.


Dan’s using a Mapex Orion kit with Sabian cymbals and Clint’s bass rig is usually a TC Electronic G-System into a Galleon Kruger 1001RB with an Ampeg SVT 8x10 cab.

His green “Hulk” bass is a Warwick Streamer LX broadneck 6 string.


what made you want to take your sound in a different direction?


It’s funny, I didn’t intend for “Never See It Coming” to be a Like Thieves song, it got thrown into the pot  one day and was picked up really quickly by Dan and Boge so we went with it.

Overall, we really just wanted to beef things up sonically so we went on the hunt for different producers and mixers. I really liked what Mick Gordon did with the Doom video game soundtrack so I got in touch with him about mixing Never See It Coming and he was keen. He’s a great guy, super talented and he’s all about what’s best for the song.


How did you come up with your band name and logo?


Man, that was a while ago now, I think we were sitting around brainstorming ideas and then it came up. Pretty sure it was lifted from INXS but I could be wrong haha.One of us doodled the logo on a piece of paper but can’t remember who exactly.


How did you come up with the video for never see it coming?


It’s actually Clint Gough’s interpretation of Clint Boge’s lyrics. He based it around the idea of mental illness, depression etc and how it can overcome you without you realising. He wanted to make the clip from the perspective of someone struggling with those inner demons and voices. We’re very fortunate to have a film and tv professional in the band, he captured the vibe perfectly.


How did you all meet and decide to form a band?


I met Clint Gough years ago when he was a sales rep trying to sell me nuts and bolts. I was working as a store man at the time. We had a brief chat about music in general and that was that. A few weeks later, the drummer I was jamming with put an ad out for a bass player and Clint was the only one who replied. We pretty much gelled instantly. Clint and I had seen Dan play live with his band Lynchmada and we were blown away, amazing player and energy, we were surprised his kit was still in one piece after the set. As things weren’t really working out with our drummer we decided to ask Dan. We weren’t sure if he’d be keen as we were no where near as heavy as Lynchmada. Lucky for us he was very interested and we made the change.

Boge and I had known each other for years and after The Butterfly Effect finished up I thought I’d ask him if he’d like to work on something new. It was meant to be something casual and potentially different from Like Thieves but after he heard our demos he wanted in. The first demo I sent him came back with vocals a couple of hours later and ended up being “Worlds Apart” from our album “Autumn’s Twilight”.


If you could play any music festival what would you choose and why?


Coachella? Hahaha....... I don’t know to be honest, I probably would’ve said Soundwave as it’s close to home but that’s obviously not going to happen. I reckon Wacken would be awesome, so massive and so many awesome bands. 


Can you tell us your favourite tour memory?


It’s a bit lame but one that comes to mind was visiting Hobart in the middle of winter. It was freezing cold, a bit of snow on the ground and a snow capped mountain not too far away, almost seemed a bit European to those of us not so well traveled types haha.

Pretty small gig but a great crowd and everyone had a fun night.


A more “rock n roll” memory was our last gig on the Dead Letter Circus tour in 2014 when they sabotaged our fold backs by blasting porn through it mid set. All we could hear on stage was sex noises and drums!


If you could have any band play one of your songs which band which song and in your style or theirs?


I’ve been getting into PVRIS a bit lately, I reckon it’d be cool to hear how they’d cover something like Ghost In The Machine.

Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


There’s plenty more to come and you can expect a lot of new sounds from us. 


Where can fans buy tickets for your show?


Canberra -


Sydney -


Adelaide -


Melbourne -


Brisbane -

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