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Twinmusix Chat with Lich King About There Australian Tour And More


What Can Fans Expect From your Australian Tour?


Puppies and Rainbows.


What was the recording process for your album The  Omniclasm?


It was a pretty typical process. Brian, who is both our drummer and engineer, laid down the drums and we each took turns after that. This was to be a bit of a departure for us, production wise. We polished it a lot less than previous releases. It feels closer to the live experience because of this, and I think it has a lot more personality.


How did you come up with your Album cover for The  Omniclasm?


The cover was capturing the plot point for the song "Lich King V: Stalemate". In this particular scene, the sun is dying and descending upon the planet. The shattered sword I think is somewhat of a symbol of his transcension from earth.


How do you choose which tracks on your album will be singles?


They just feel right. Once we've written and recorded these songs, we've heard them a million times. The single-worthy ones makes themselves known throughout that process.


What Gear do you use in the studio eg (guitars, drums, peddles,bass, brand and model)?


Same stuff we use live.


What Gear do you use on stage eg (guitars, drums, peddles,bass, brand and model)?


I use Jackson guitars, an EVH 5150III, Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Decimator Noisegate.


How did you all meet?


We were all admitted to the same mental institution.


how did you come up with your band name and logo, who designed it?


People usually ask if it's from the World of Warcraft video game, while in truth it's a reference to a monster in the Dungeons and Dragons realm. Way nerdier. That's all Tom Martin, founder of Lich King.


you toured through the USA what was you favourite moment with your fans?


On this last run? Probably Dallas TX. Probably one of the most chaotic crowds we've played to. Like, broken bones and blood kind of chaotic. It was beautiful.


you are playing at Obscene Extreme Festival in europe in july what can fans expect and are you playing any sideshows?


Again, puppies and rainbows. And vomit. We are planning a month long tour with Roadmaster Booking around OEF and there will be more festival dates involved. Can't wait.


if you could have any band play one of you songs which band and in your style or there's?


Deep Purple probably. I would want to see them take a spin at Preschool Cesspool. Rock the fuck out of it.


anything else you want to announce to our fans?


Buy our merch.

LICH KING (USA) and HIDDEN INTENT performing at:

Jan 31st - Warnambool - The Loft

Feb 1st - Ballarat - The Eastern

Feb 2nd - Melbourne - Bendigo Hotel

Feb 3rd - Churches of Steel Fest Adelaide - Producers Bar

Feb 4th - ARMI Clinic - Adelaide

Feb 7th - Albury - Albion Hotel

Feb 8th - Canberra - The Basement

Feb 9th - Wollongong - Rad Bar

Feb 10th - Newcastle - The Small Ballroom

Feb 11th - Sydney - Frankies Pizza

Feb 15th - Lismore -  Tatts Hotel

Feb 16th - Gold Coast - Miami Shark Bar

Feb 17th - Brisbane - The Back Room

Feb 22nd - Auckland - Whammy Bar

Feb 23rd - Christchurch - Dark Room

Feb 24th - Wellington - Valhalla Tavern

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