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Last night Lagerstein played at the Bald Face Stag and put on another amazing show. Lagerstein was interactive with the Audience and appeared on stage in true pirate style with beer bongs in one hand and insturments in the other you knew you were in for a night full of drinking in full pirate bliss.


support acts Kvlts Of Vice, Battlebard,Dead City Ruins, The Bottlers, Richard Dangerous and Silkie Bantams and Bad Absalom were playing all night and made lagerfest a true pirate party.


Through out the night while bands were switching over on stage Lagerstein ran three contests. The first contest was the chilli Con Carn Competition, as five people entered this contest they started off with a normal bowl of chilli con carne as the rounds went on and people got knocked out the chilli got hotter and hotter until you had a winner.


The second competition was the best beard contest and the third competition was holding a full strin of beer straight in front of you for as long as possible. 


Lagerstein came out on stage and Captain Gregarrr got behind his ships wheel as they performed their first song of the night Raise your stein. Lagersteins drinking krew were singing and dancing along, while they had beer in one hand and a pirate sword in the other. Lagerstein also played Drink the rum and an array of other songs.

"Captain Gregarrr" told the  drinking krew to split down the middle and be in a wall of death when they started "Down the hatch". The krew obeyed and made it the most energetic wall of death i have ever seen.


Next up was down the hatch before Lagerstein started they took there shoes off and encouraged their krew to do a shoie with them. Then Lagerstein brought out the beer bongs and started drinking one by one.


Later in the gig Lagerstein asked the krew to go camping in the blue mountains with them and everyone sat on the ground by the campfire to sing "Drink Til We Die" together. There was an amazing interaction between everyone in the venue and it made you feel like you were part of the band.

As the night came to a close Lagerstein played their last song for the night, The Beer Bong Song, which set the mood for a great after party. 

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