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Ahoy! New album ho!

That’s right crew, the pirates at Brisbane based pirate metal band Lagerstein have just released their newest and 3rd studio album 25/7!

This is the bands first album since 2016 and it was just what the fans wanted. With incredible heavy songs such as Midnight Moonshine, Melodic ballads like Piña Colada Paradise, and a heavy cover of the classic Aussie anthem “Land Down Under” by Men at Work.

In the lead up to this album Lagerstein held a treasure hunt that had fans completing tasks for fun, one task of which was to film themselves doing a Shoey (For those who do not know, a Shoey is when you remove your right shoe, pour your drink into it and chug it as fast as you can. It is a time-honored Aussie tradition). Once fans completed this task, they were asked to upload it or send it to the band, where unbeknownst to the fans, the band would take all the submissions and put them into their music video for their newest song “Shoey Song”. 

LAGERSTEIN is one of the fiercest crews that sail the seven seas, under the leadership of Captain Gregarrr on the lead vocals, brothers The Majestic Beast and Neil Rummy Rackers on lad and rhythm guitar, newest crew members Lucky the Great on bass and Rusty Timbers on Drums. Not to forget of course the fiddle playing/keytar shredding of Mother Junkst, and of course the keyboard stylings of Jacob the Fiercest Pirate in all the seven seas!

Twinmusix got to sit down with Jacob to discuss their newest album:


HB - Your newest album came out recently, what has the response been like?

Jacob - The response so far has been awesome! We've had people say it's our best piece of work yet which is great to hear. Within a week of the album being album out we had people at shows singing all the words to the new songs. It's amazing to see people enjoy it so much.

HB - You are finishing up the European leg of your current tour, what was it like to play Wacken and Sabaton open air?

Jacob - Wacken is easily the biggest and best festival we've ever seen. You can tell they've been doing it for 30 yrs because everything is organized to a tee and the staff are all extremely friendly and love what they do. It was impressive and humbling to be a part of something so big.

Sabaton Open Air was also fantastic, though not as big as Wacken it's nice to see that Sabaton have made such a great thing for their home town. We love the Swedish people and some of the best and our favorite bands from the folk metal genre were there as well. Safe to say we all had a good party!

HB - Do you have a favourite story from this recent tour?

Jacob - Always such a tough question! We do a lot of crazy travelling and partying. One good story is Neil's shoe which has lived hanging above the bar at The Gryphon in Bristol since 2017. We broke our previous record of 100 shoeys and made it to 127. Nothing like a pub full of people passing around a shoe chanting "127, 127, 127!!"

HB - Who is singing the female vocals on the Piña Colada song?

Jacob - The females vocals is the fine work of Julia Karolina Pieta. She and her boyfriend have a studio above Fredrick Nordström's and she happened to be the first person we met in Sweden when we were waiting outside. She's an absolutely lovely lady and we knew she had a sexy voice, so of course we had to borrow it.

HB - Alestorm recently said to us that they could outdrink you guys in a drinking contest, do you think they are correct or do you have something you would like to say to them?

Jacob - I'll say to everyone that we've toured with them before and they can definitely drink. I'll say to them if they want to have a drinking contest one day then bring it on! Sounds like a party.

HB - If you could have any band cover any song off this new album (or any Lager song) which band, what song, your style or theirs?

Jacob - Wow that is a tough one that I've never really thought of before. Hard to chose an appropriate band to cover us given out drinking theme, but I'd be keen to hear Parkway Drive cover Down The Hatch in their style.

HB - Seems like a strange idea but I love their groove and Winston is one of my favorite metal vocalists I think he would nail it. Anything you would like to say to you Aussie crew?

Jacob - We miss you guys, we love you guys and we'll be back to party with you real soon!. Lagerstein are set to sail around Australia very soon! Some venues are free entry, but for the ones that aren’t, I highly recommend you get a ticket! You do NOT want to miss this band or their incredible show!

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