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Last night LA Guns played at Sydney Maxx Watts and man did they put on one hell of a show. LA Guns started in 1983 in Los Angeles and last night Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns graced our shores.


LA Guns  had a massive turn out and the crowd went crazy! There were both new and old fans rocking out in the audience and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement, you knew you were in for a great show!  


The lights went dim and the crowd started cheering. A song by Ozzy came accross the speakers and everyone started singing along as. LA Guns walked on stage and Tracci started with an amazing riff to kick off their show. The first song of the night was "Devil made do it" and the crowd sang along and knew every word.

Tracci went to the side of the as the crowd was eagerly watching, he pulled a Bow out started his guitar solo with it. As he played "Over the Edge" the crowd cheered and towards the end of it the rest of the band joined in.


LA Guns played a string of hits through out the night, which included "Electric Gypsy, Don't look at me that way and Malaria"which the audiance loved and sang along to. LA Guns interacted with the audience through out the night and really made everyone feel apart of the set. 

LA guns stayed on stage for their encore instead of walking off stage, they Introduced their band manger and asked him what their curfew was and he there is none.  LA Guns played 5 more song to finish off a fantastic night Including hits such as "Ballad of Jane" which was one of their original songs that was released in 1989.  To end  off a fantastic night the band said "Thank you, Good Night" to the fans and threw their drum sticks into the audience. I would definitely recommend seeing LA Guns in the future, it is a once and a lifetime opportunity. 

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