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Lord Interview

Who writes the music in your band?

 Tim our vocalist and guitarist does the writing in the band and a lot of the arrangement, but we have all contributed over the years and we have a unique way of doing it. Like most bands, everyone does their own little thing so it's more of a group effort.

 what gear do you use on stage?

  We are all endorsed by ESP guitars, we all have Signature Series ESP guitars, we all play through Line 6 but we also use some pod amps and krueger amps, our drummer uses tama kits.

Can you tell us more about progpower?

 Our new album was recorded in progpower USA in 2016, we went over there as part of the prog power festival. We played an hour show and played songs from all the years of our band,  we were previously called dungeons and played music from those albums as well. We also did a cover of creeping death by Metallica! The whole thing is online and people can buy it straight away. However, we are also bringing out a CD copy in February.

Why did you change your band name?

  At the end of 2005 there were a number of band member changes. Tim, the guy who's been in the band since it's first started thought the music was going in a different direction so we change name of the band. Our music over the years has been various rock and metal genres.

If you could play at any festival what would you choose?

Waken open air

If you could have any band play one of your songs, which band and in your style or theirs?

Megadeath play Betrayal Blind Lord.

 When you first started did you start off with covers or original work?

When Tim first started they did covers and original work, but over the years we do more original work.

  For someone to pursue a long career in the music industry is there any advice you can give them?

Spend a lot of time on the stuff you do, don't worry about what other people are doing. Play music you love to play, don't worry about what's popular or what other people like play what you like.

  What is your favourite memory with your fans?

  When we played in Tasmania a couple of years ago, this was around the time The Only Cycloptic were also playing, so many people came out and invited us to house parties after. After that we kept on going back there for years they were so inviting.

Is there any thing ealse you would like to announce to your fans?

You can get our new album online and order it for when it comes out in Febuary.
Check Out Album Release Link Here - Lord Album Release
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