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KORPIKLAANI Release Video For The Song 'Harhainen Höyhen' From Their Latest Album RANKARUMPU

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars KORPIKLAANI have released a video for the song 'Harhainen höyhen' from their latest album, Rankarumpu. 

KORPIKLAANI's twelfth studio album Rankarumpu is classic folk metal - fast, energetic and dynamic, showing once again they are the leaders in this genre.

The closing song 'Harhainen höyhen' is slightly different in tone from the rest of the album as it leans more towards a melancholic side, which is not only being reflected in the song's lyrics dealing with mental health issues, but also noticeable in the atmospheric new music video directed by Miika Hakala that's out today. 

KORPIKLAANI commented:

"'Harhainen höyhen' is a song that deals with mental health problems and how a person can think they are weak and be susceptible to problems, as the weakest and poorest feather. Then you can hear bad things in your head which at worst can lead to committing suicide. I myself have been in a situation where I heard a voice in my head that said that my clock had rung a long time ago and that I could leave this world. But then I realized that my time wasn't even remotely over yet ... anyway this song is for all of us out there with mental health issues and about how wrong it is to harm yourself." - Jonne

IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, depression and/or suicidal thoughts, there is help. For free, confidential support and resources 24/7 visit:






1. Kotomaa


2. Tapa sen kun kerkeet


3. Aita


4. Saunaan


5. Mettään


6. Kalmisto


7. Rankarumpu


8. No perkele


9. Viikatelintu


10. Nouse


11. Oraakkelit


12. Harhainen höyhen




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