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Kulkkija Interview

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Twinmusix talk to Tuomas from Korpiklaani about their New Album Kulkkija and more

TM - What can fans expect from your new album Kulkija?

K - This album is a journey, 14 songs and 71 minutes. It is the longest album we have ever done, we wernt planning on doing a long album but all the demos that we did turned out really well and we didn't want to skip any of this song so we release them all in this process. We found out all the songs had a wonderer up in some sense Kulkija means wonderer and surely you know we've been on the road about 150 days a year ourselves so there's a lot of ourselves in it as well and the album is the world seen from the wonders eyes so theres alot of emotions in this album.

TM - How did you decide which ideas you were going to use for your songs?

K - We don't plan things like that we just do it and go with the flow. Then when the work is done then we see what we have been doing and then there's this realisation that there are connections between the songs and we are binding things together.

TM - What was your writing and recording process for your Kulkija?

K - We all write some of the songs on the album usually we present the demos first and then we toss the demos around and start to work with them and arrange the music

TM - You joined in 2012 how did you come to join Korpiklaani?

K - I was asked to join in 2012 and went straight in to the studio, Jonne was a big fan of violin and my solo project and i had no clue that's probably why he called me and had that trust because he had been following me for quite some time

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?

K - Kiss do one of our songs in their style

TM - Sweet,i love Kiss, Do you have any cool Kiss stories?



K- Do we have time for a funny Kiss stories?

TM - Yes! Go!

K - We played at Monsters of Rock This Summer and Gene Simmons band was playing after us. Matti had Gene Simmons biography in his hand and he really wanted it signed but the security guards wouldn't let him come close to Gene Simmons. Gene broke his base string on stage and for some reason he didn't have technicians with him, our guitar tech was still there and handed Gene, Jarkkos bass then Gene Simmons asked whos bass is this and the guitar tech said Korpiklaani so then Gene asked us all to come on stage. Matti got to sing Rock and Roll all night on stage with Gene and after the show Matti tuns back stage and says how about now Mr Simmons and gets his book signed.


TM- That is an Amazing story!. It is so Awesome that you got to meet Gene Simmons. I was lucky enough to photograph Kiss at Rockfest Barcelona and they were Spectacular on stage.


K- you went to Rockfest Barcelona, i was there too. Unfortunately we were playing the day before Kiss so we didn't get to watch them as we had to go to another festival. Helloween put on a magnificent show!


TM- I definitely agree! It was a great festival, one of the best i have ever been to.

TM - What can fans expect from your Russian and USA tour?

K - We emphasize the latest album on our tours especially now that the whole band is so happy with this album. We will play alot of new songs and the classics.

TM - What's your favourite festival you've played at?

K - Hellfest in France is fantastic, we played in one of the undercover areas but we would love to play mainstage.


TM- I love Hellfest, the atmosphere is great, everyone is so nice to talk to and i love how they make it a true festival experience. I would live there if it was a year round festival.


K- definitely, hopefully we will get to go back soon


TM - Anything else you want to Announce to your fans?

K - I really encourage our fans to listen to our album from start to finish because that's the way we designed it to listen to.


TM- Thank you so much for this interview today! It was a pleasure talking to you and hopefully we see you in Australia soon.

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