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TM - Hi, This is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Sami from korpiklaani. Thank you for having this interview with us today we appreciate it.


SI - Thank You.


TM - We are excited to have your new album rankarumpu come out in April, what can fans expect?


SI - Compared to Our last album I think this album is easy to listen to. I think it is a bit faster than our last album. I think our last album was epic and had more lyrical songs. I think this album is more straightforward and sounds like the old Korpiklaani sound.


TM - What was your writing and recording process?


SI - Normally it's Jonne who does songs but this time Samuli did some songs and Olli did one song. We also worked on some songs at home and then we started arranging the songs. Little by little we got these songs together and then we went to the studio and figured out the final versions of the song.


TM - How did you come up with your album cover and is there a meaning behind it?


SI - JanYrlund has done our covers before and many other bands. I think the idea for the album cover came from Jonne. He is the main promoter of the band so I don't know if there is a meaning behind it. The name of our album cover means Rock drum, it is a Drum that is a bit worn. It is not tidy and clean but it is an old drum that's what he wanted to express on our cover. I think it is a cool cover it is really simple but epic. I hope we are going to have it on display when we do the festivals because I like the cover.


TM - What song on your album impressed you?

SI - “Shai Shai” featuring NYTT LAND’s Natalya Pahlenko singing in Siberian because they put a lot into it. They did it in their style. I am not interested when a band tries to copy note for note and doesn't do it in their style so it is nice to hear covers from them.


TM - What was the first band you saw live and did it inspire you to play music?


SI - The first real metal band I ever saw live was Children of Bodom around 60 km from my home. There is not much near my home so it was a really special thing and I feel privileged that I got the chance to see them so early in their career and that they played in the middle of Nowhere.


TM - what was your favourite band you saw live, can you tell us a story?



SI - I was 14 back then when I went to see Children of Bodom almost every metalhead had Idols at that age and Alexi Laiho's guitar work impressed me.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


SI - We are looking forward to touring Australia again and we will open a beer if you check out our new album.


TM - Thank You for having this interview with us today we appreciate it.


SL - Thank You.

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