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Twinmusix talk to King Parrott about Halloween Hysteria and more


TM - How's it going what have you been up to?


 Yeah good just back into some work and getting ready for some shows next weekend. We just got home from the USA tour we did.  We toured for a month in the United States. We have a few more shows coming up and then we will record a new record.




TM- Awesome what can fans expect from your new record?


More of the same, we do what we do. With us it's straight up two of our records have been nominated for arias and hopefully our next one will to.


TM - I was going to ask you about that (laughs). Congratulations on being nominated, it is a massive achievement.



TM - What can fans expect from Halloween Hissteria?


I was saying to someone yesterday that we haven't played in the Jubilee Hotel in Brisbane in years. The last time we played was in 2014 and that was an amazing show, we had a blast hopefully as playing last will energised the Punters.


TM - How did you pick your setlist for this tour?


We will just try and get a good mix of our three albums. We will play some of the new stuff and some of the old stuff because that's what the Punters know.


TM - You are nominated for one of the best metal albums of the year, how did this come about?


I have no idea, our record company put us forward. We thank our fan bese and the people behind us.


TM - You recently made a beer can you tell us more about that?


We played a festival called Berserker festival up in Michigan, we were approached by a Beer Brewery and they wanted to make a king parrot beer because they know how passionate Australians are about drinking beer.


TM - That is cool,  would you consider selling it in Australia.


We would definitely consider it, and the brew they made was really good. It sold out on the first day of the festival and we weren't playing to the third day of the festival so they had to make more.


TM - that's awesome,  i know a lot of metal bands make there own beer, Iron Maiden have one and they sell it internationally. Hopefully you can distribute your beer on a  international scale one day.


That would be fantastic


TM - If you could have any band play one of your song's what band would it be what song and in your style or theirs?


Eminem will be cool doing one of our songs.


TM - That would be interesting,  maybe you can set it up, he is coming to Australia.


Is he coming to Australia?


TM- yes, he is doing stadium tours 


I'll have to check that out


TM - Can you tell us a tour story?


We were doing a European tour, and we caught a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki. It was an overnight ferry and it had night clubs and pubs on board.

The boys were carrying on and got drunk, i went to bed and we had to wake up the next morning to get of the boat. Our guitarist was missing they were calling out his name on the announcement speaker,

We had to pull our bus out and wait for him. We had no idea where he was.

An hour half later he came out and he had blood all over his face and he was hung over. I think he got beaten up and left in the stairwell. We were like what the hell's going on, and we were just like just get in the bus bro and went to the show.


TM- that is crazy, I'm glad he was ok!.


TM- If you could play any festival what would it be? 


Hellfest, Bloodstock, download and Wacken Open Air.


TM- yes, Hellfest is amazing!! Move that one to the top of your list.


TM - If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?


My friend Anton who plays the saxophone on one of my songs.


TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?


These are our last three shows of the year so hopefully we we will see everyone.


TM - Thank you for the interview today,  we really appreciate it.

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