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Kamelot were formed in Tampa, Florida in 1991 with founding members Thomas Youngblood and drummer Richard Warner. In 1994 the band released their debut album Eternity. In 1997, drummer Warner and singer Mark Vanderbilt left the band and Casey Grillo and Khan joined the band. Kamelot produced their fourth studio album, The Fourth Legacy. Which was quickly followed by their fifth studio album Karma in 2000. Epica was released in 2003. To be followed by The Black Halo in 2005. 


In 2007 Kamelot released  Ghost Opera followed by Poetry For The Poisoned in 2010. Kamelot got a new vocalist Tommy Karevik and recorded Silverthorn. In 2015 Kamelot released  Haven which featured guests such as Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Troy Donockley (Nightwish) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain) gave Haven some extra magic. Kamelot members are Thomas Youngblood on guitars, Tommy Karevik on vocals, Oliver Palotai on keyboards, Sean Tibbetts on bass and Johan Nunez on drums.


Saralisse kicked off the set tonight at the manning bar in Sydney Australia. The four piece metal band put manning bar into overdrive and you knew you were in for one hell of a night. The headbanging was a sight to see and you couldn't wait for the next set.

Next up was the one and only Valhalore the Folk Metal powerhouse from Brisbane and I couldn't wait for this one. As I looked into the crowd the fans were ready to rock. There was headbanging everywhere and there was a mosh pit that brought the fans together in a full metal experience. With the crowd pumped up you could only anticipate what was going to happen next. 


Kamelot were up next and the fans were ready to go. Kamelot were ready to play hits from their nineteen album discography including their new album The Shadow Theory and the fans were ready to hear it. Kamelot kicked off with introduction music knights march and the fans were ready and waiting for their seventeen song set. Kamelot kicked off their set with Phantom Devine (shadow empire) with vocalist Lauren Hart. With Lauren on stage you couldn't wait to hear more of her amazing vocals. During the set she performed Center of the universe, march of mephisto and sacrimony (Angel of afterlife).


Kamelot continued their set with the hits you know and love including Rule the world, The Great Pandemonium, End of Innocence, Here's to the fall and Karma and forever. These songs were perfectly executed and a sight to see with perfection across the stage.


We also got to watch Oliver Palotai and Alex Landenburg put on an amazing Keyboard and Drum Performance during the set it was incredible to watch such talented musicians perform together.


To finish off the set and a wonderful night of entertainment Kamelot performed liar liar (wasteland monarchy) and exited the stage with ministrium. Kamelot put on one hell of a show and I know I will be there next time they visit Australia, will you?.



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