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Junkyard is a Rock, Punk and Roll band from in Hollywood, D.C, Austin, FLA. Junkyard consists of David Roach on Vocals, Jimmy James on Guitars and Background Vocal, Tim Mosher on Guitars and Background Vocals, Todd Muscat on Bass and Background Vocals and Patrick Muzingo and Drums and Percussion. 


Twinmusix got to David Roach about touring and more

TM - You brought out Highwater in 2017, how is touring going and what have fans reactions been to your new album?

DR  - The response and the reviews have been Amazing. We are still not heavy enough for some hard rock people and Punk enough for some punk rock people and Country enough for country people, but some people get it and we love touring it is always fun.

TM - You released your album High Water in 2017, why did you only release a limited amount of

DR  - To make it special for massive fans of Junkyards and
high-end collectors.

TM - You started your career on MTV, how do you think the music industry has changed over time?

DR  - It's completely different, I didn't understand it then and now I understand it even less. I don't know how a new band coming out today gets any attention not even makes it work. We had everything going for us playing Los Angeles in the


It was pretty easy to get signed and MTV was a great way to get your name out there for people to know who you are. Now you don't have any of that, there is not one seen in the world where rock and roll are that pro dominant. There is the internet and everyone is trying to get attention on the internet, my kid always reminds me that I will never be as big as that cat on the internet.


TM - That is true, I love those cat videos on the internet. Maybe if you do a crazy video you can get some more people's attention. 

TM - What are your views on Spotify and YouTube?

DR  - It is the way to get attention now, you have to take advantage of whatever means that are out there. Anyone can post their stuff on YouTube, we have had a little jump off because we have been around a long time so YouTube Spotify anything that we can put up music on is good for us.

TM - In 2008 you release three
album of material, why did you decide to release so much content in a short period of time?

DR  - One member of the band had some demos for what was meant to be our third record they were just Denis and he put everything out he did it from home. He manufactured the albums burnt the copies then sent them
to put that was his own deal he didn't have permission from anyone.

TM - Are you going to be releasing a new record anytime soon?

DR  - We have already written some new songs, we already have half an album written so we are getting close.

TM - What's your writing and recording process on this new album?

DR  -  Someone in the band writes a riff and then I start lyrics or someone has come up with some lyrics and I work off that
there is no set way.

TM - You played Monsters of Rock what's your favourite memory from this can you tell us a story?

DR  -The Monsters of Rock cruise is pretty wild it's a non-stop floating party, it is kind of cool because the fans have access to you 24/7 and it's also scary at the same time because fans have access to you 24/7. I like getting out and talking to people, there was one night that was really rough and the boat was moving around. Faster Pussycat we're playing poolside the water was washing up all over the deck. I thought the whole band was going to get electrocuted.


TM - Oh no, well I'm glad everyone was ok.

TM - What's your favourite memory of watching someone else perform live?

DR  - Seeing Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle in a bar in Los Angeles was pretty cool.



TM - That is sweet, what an awesome experience.

TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

DR  -  AC/DC Do blues in their style, but it would have to be on Scott.

TM - Anything else you want to announce to your fans?

DR  - I hope to get to Australia and play Live soon.


TM - hopefully we get to see you in Australia soon. I know you have a lot of people that would love to see you. 

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