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Joshua Radin is a singer song writer from America and has created seven albums. His music has been featured in TV shows such as Scrubs and Vampire Diariesand has been on many world tours with a growing fan bass.


We were lucky enough to have Joshua Radin play at the Factory theater on Thursday night. Joshua walked on stage and opened with his first song for the night, the crowd swayed along to every second, at the end everyone clapped and then went silent.

After the first song Joshua rig had some technical difficulties so he asked his guitar tech to come and fix it. While it was being fixed Joshua said "wow, that was the shortest set ever, thanks for coming " and the crowd laughed. Then he said " maybe i will just do a comedy act" and the crowd laughed again but seemed pretty happy with that Idea at this point. I thought to myself, i don't know if i walked into a comedy show or a country music act but soon enough the rigg was fixed and the show was back on the road and he was ready to sing many more hits for the night.


Joshua invited his friend to play with him on stage after a few songs. Cary Brothers was Joshua support act for this tour and the melodies they played together were incredible. It really drew you into the act and as they both have the same sense of humor there jokes were funny and witty.

Half way through the night Joshua played a song he had made up moments earlier backstage, he asked the audience what he should call the song and he said " I like simple songs titles" as everyone laughed he said what about the "Beach Song" as everyone appluded he aggreeded that it was a great name for the song.


Joshua walked off stage and many fans thought the show was over so the fans started to walk out the venue but the show wasn't over and Joshua walked on stage and started singing again and everyone turned around and and walked back into the venue to hear Joshua sing some more songs, what a suprise ending to a fantastic night.


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