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Jordan Rudess is best known for his keyboard work in his progressive metal band Dream Theater. Last night Jordan performed his special solo event in the The Studio at the Sydney Opera House. Jordan Rudess is a young was a young prodigy from Juilliard was destined to play classical music, as he broke away from this music he became a rock star in his own right with Dream Theater and various solo projects.


The first thing that stood out about Jordan Rudess show was the dedicated fans that came to see his side project and how excited they were to see Jordan play an intimate show at the opera house. The next thing that stood out was meeting Jordan’s wife, Danielle Rudess at the merchandise stand, as I spoke to her she expressed how excited she was to be in Australia and how much they love the 'Jumpy's' chips that we have over here.

As we entered the venue it will up quickly and everyone was eagerly awaiting Jordan to Come on stage. As Jordan walk on stage the crowd watched eagerly and Jordan said "Hey everybody, it is so good to be here. My first solo show at Sydney Opera House, it's kind of a trip, it's awesome. Jordan then starts telling us how he started playing piano and how he got to where he is today.



Jordan took us on a journey about his life between his piano playing and how he got to where he is today He explained how he did a cover of Bach and he uploaded it to Facebook. Facebook took down the video and said you can't publish it as it is a video of a famous composer called Glenn Gould, he thought it was wired that Bach could still be copyrighted so he wrote to Facebook and they unblocked the video. He also told us about his bandaid commercial and how he got picked for it in between his amazing piano pieces that were played with perfect precision and He told us stories on how he watched a KISS tribute band and how they wanted to enter the main stream top 40 market so he ended up joining them and the cool thing about this band was the blue and silver suits that each of them got to design.



Jordan played some incredible pieces including Hourglass and For Japan. As well as Dream Theater’s The Dance of Eternity and Chopin’s Ballade No.1 in G Minor, Op.23. Jordan had the fans fascinated as he played his geoshread program that he designed on his Ipad shredding moment over a backing track (playing with his nose included) and a medley of his favourite Dream Theater songs.


Jordan announced that Dream Theaters new album ‘Distance Over Time’ is due out on February 22, 2019 and they are getting ready for there tour in March. He also announced the release of his solo project and was very excited for everything to be happening.


As Jordan walked off stage, the crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Jordan returned for an extended rendition of chopsticks, and then started playing it with his nose, he went in twinkle twinkle little star amoung alot of other improvised pieces. It was a fascinating night full of his life stories and brilliant skill. If you haven't seen him perform live I suggest you go and watch him in Canberra or whenever you get a chance.



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