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TM - Hi this is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix and we are here with Janet Gardner and Justin James, Thank You for having this interview with us today.

JG - Thank You for having us.

TM - Are you excited to come to Australia?

JG - words can't describe how excited. Before the pandemic and almost got stuck in Australia. I'm looking back we wish we got stuck out of all the places we have toured Australia just felt like home to me. It was so beautiful the food was great and the weather was great the coffee was great we are beyond excited to come back. We found so many cafes with delicious coffee, it's so hard to find here, you get Starbucks and that's about it.

TM - I drink Starbucks when I'm in America.

TM - What can fans expect from your Australian tour?

JG - Fans can expect lots of energy and lots of power because we haven't played since October of last year. We have had a little rest period so now we are fired on all cylinders we are going to play some of our new music and some of the classic stuff and some of the Vixen songs. We are thrilled and ready to go and kick some ass, the long flight is worth it.

TM - Is there anything you want to see while you are in Australia?

JG - I want to see a wallaby. We went to the Australia Zoo last time we were here we saw a kangaroo last time but I want to see a wallaby. We have a day off in Melbourne the day before we play so are that any tips on anything we should see while we are there?
TM - You could walk next to the Yara River in Melbourne. There are a bunch of nice cafes and restaurants down there. At Flinders Court Street there is heaps of cool graffiti and there are always different artists doing different graffiti. There's a rock bar called Cherry Bar that's cool.

JG - There was also that great rock Bar in Sydney Frankie Pizza.

TM - Yeah, that's gone now they closed and didn't reopen.

JG - That's a shame, that was a cool rock bar.

TM - There is a bar called, The Duke where the metal heads go now.

JG - We have to go and check it out.

TM - You released No Strings last year, how did fans react?

JG - Pretty good, for me it was an album that we worked the hardest on. We always work hard on all our albums, but that one in particular. We spent day and night trying to put out the best album we could and hearing people's reactions after justified the amount of work and effort we put into it.

I love all our albums but me, that is my personal favourite because in this day you don't know how many people are going to buy albums anymore and I wanted to make sure if this was the last album we are ever going to put out it is going to be the best album. We have good reviews and our fans are pretty easy to please but there are a few we have turned around that were sceptical of us because we are married and they don't want to like us because we are married and we are happy and people are like that's nauseating.

TM - What was your writing and recording process?

JG - It goes every which way you could possibly imagine one of us will get inspired and start working on something neither of us goes very far without writing. The other person is like what do you think of this idea, what can we do next. We can't believe we have done four albums together. I don't think in the history of our songs there isn't one that we have both been involved in. I will play three or four of them and I can tell by her face which one she is feeling. She jumps in and takes it to the next level and it gets better. We joke around and we love doing that instead of going out to a theatre or a movie. We would rather be in the studio writing a song that's our thrill, that's our fun time. We built this studio in our house and it's easy to go from our bedroom to the studio.

TM - That's cool, I also saw you made a Christmas album and you had a lot of special guests on it Gilby Clark, Pretty Boy Floyd, Paul Di'Anno, Tracii Guns, Faster Pussycat and more how was that making it?

JG - It was a record label in California called Cleopatra Records. They reached out to our agent and wanted us to be a part of that album and wanted us to do a Christmas song and we were like okay cool we will do a Christmas song. They sent it over and said, we want you to do Mariah Carey's song. The one song I didn't want us to do was the song they wanted us to do, so I said let's just have fun with it and it actually came out pretty fun. It was one of those things where we were like we don't want to do it but when we did it we were so happy that we did. We are proud of what we did, we took this song and made it our own. We rocked it out and to be on an album with Tracii Guns and Gilby Clark, it's cool to be a part of that with that circle and that family it was awesome. I'm glad we did it it was a blast.

TM - What was the first band you ever saw live as a kid and did it influence you to play music?

JJ - There is a picture of me at a KISS concert when I was three years old, with a KISS guitar and all in makeup, that definitely inspired me then. My oldest brother took me to see them when I was nine years old and ever since that moment that was my number one influence and that made me be like I want to do that. I want to go on stage have fun and forget the troubles of the world and play music.

JG - I grew up in a small town so there wasn't a lot of concerts there. The first band I saw was the Edgar Winter Group, they were amazing. Then I saw Starship with Mickey Thomas singing and I was blown away. I was like oh my god that is amazing. A lot of what I was inspired by was albums because I didn't get a lot of concerts where I grew up. I remember listening to Heart, Boston and Aerosmith, a lot of rock bands inspired me but the biggest was Heart.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be what song would it be and would it be in your style or their style?

JG - Heart no one delivers a song better than her and we have a song on our second album called "A Way to Your Heart" which would be very fitting for her to play. We could write a very special song for her to sing just for her.

TM -Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

JG - We had so much fun last time we came to Australia, we cannot wait Thank You for the support and for taking the time to check out the new stuff we put out. There's a new album release every minute now, so it's so easy to get lost in the mix. We are so grateful for everyone who takes the time to check it out and the compliments and nice comments out there. We are grateful to everyone who allows us to do Glamfest.

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