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Twinmusix talk to Linda from The Iron Maidens About their Australian tour and more

 Its not long till your Australian tour are you guys getting excited to come out here?

Very much it's not long now till we in Australia I'm getting more excited then ever.

You started off as a co-ed band and went to all female how did this come about?

Jenny Warren started the band off as a coed band and you that she wanted to make it an all female Iron Maiden band and she starts with the band until she could make it an all female band.

Do you think the Iron Maidens will ever release any of their own music?

It would be nice to collaborate some of our own music one day.

If you could choose any band to cover an Iron Maiden song, which band and song would you chose and would it be in your style or theirs?

It would be interesting to hear Pantera do one, if Pantera was able to do that. That would be interesting, which song?


Gosh, I couldn’t pick just one song. I’d say, whichever one they were in the mood to do because Pantera is a voice of their own and of course in their own style, it would absolutely be in their own style.

Will The Iron Maidens bring out any new albums?

 we are set to go into the studio in August to start recording.

Anything else you want to announce?

We are going into the studio soon to record and hopefully our new album will be out by the end of the year

Thank you for the interview We have had so many people tell us how excited they are to come see you play. Everyone is excited in Sydney.

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