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In Flames was Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990, In Flames is world-renown as one of the forefathers of Melodic Death Metal. The band has five members Anders Fridén, Björn Gelotte, Niclas Engelin, Bryce Paul Newman and Tanner Wayne. In Flames has released 12 studio albums.

From the first opus in 1994 entitled ”Lunar Strain” to the previous release ”Battles” (2016), In Flames has risen to great heights in music history. The melodies, the harmonies and the lyrics that characterize In Flames’ signature sound have evolved throughout the years proving that In Flames is so much more then their former self.

In Flames have recently released "I, The Mask". We got to speak to Björn Gelotte about his up coming album and more.

TM - You just brought out your new album "I, the Mask" what can fans expect if they haven't heard anything about it?

IF - A very guitar-driven melodic metal record with lots of Dynamics really fast really slow. All in all if you know a boat in flames you know what you are going to get.

TM - what was your writing and recording process for "I, the Mask"?

IF - We did the previous album in Los Angeles with Howard Benson and his team and that was a really great experience, you didn't know what to expect the first time around. We came really prepared and had a bunch of songs. This time we thought let’s write there, let’s spend three months writing and recording and see what comes out of it. What came out was "I, the Mask" and it was smooth. This is the 13th album and you think that things would come easier after a while but they don't. You are constantly pushing yourself and have this working relationship with people, we would write them at our house thank to the studio for 5 hours and start recording then we will go back to the house and continue writing BBQ and have beers.

TM - What was it like working with Howard Benson?

IF – There is quite a few favourite things with Howard, he is very experienced and has a great ear. He has a great filter and can help when you are just f****** around, he knows what you don't really need and that's important especially when doing so many records. With him is important to be straight to the point, he never wanted to change us in the new album, he just wanted us to sound better. He is very blunt, which is good for us because we can be control Freaks and he can break that I part a little bit. We open up to ourselves each other and towards him and breaking US down a little bit he is a very good guy. He made us right to seek in a different way and a more open way he's amazing to work with and couldn't recommend anyone else.


TM - How did you come up with your album cover for "I, the Mask" and who designed it?

IF - Blake Armstrong design that the same guy did the last three records. He is an amazing talented artist and I think he also makes me movie posters now we are really happy with him. He did Artworks really early he came into our demos and did our artwork Blake and Anders discuss some ideas and Blake came back some really cool artwork the next day.


TM - You played with deep purple what was it like to touring with?

IF - I never expected to tour with them, I have been feeling too Deep Purple since I was born. My dad is a Metalhead so he had all the records. It was a band I never thought I would see, I have all share a stage with them so it was an absolute honour to play with them on the same tour.

TM - Do you have a favourite memory from that tour?

IF - The first show they had a seated audience, we just walked out and did our thing head banging and all that type of stuff. I don't think they were really ready for it, as soon as we were done with it we went into our dressing room and someone opens the door and walks in Ian Gillan from Deep Purple and he said to us that was brilliant guys f****** it I don't know what that was but it was f****** great.

TM – Deep Purple are a fantastic band live, I diffidently think it is awesome that you got to tour with them.

TM - You have played festivals such as Hellfest what is your favourite experience from playing such big festivals?

IF - I think there are so many things that are different from a club show playing a festival. You might play in front of a lot of people who have not bought an In Flames CD or a ticket to one of our shows so it's a great way to showcase your work to people who know you but haven't really heard you. It is not as personal as a club show because people go to see you and they give you a lot of energy back but they hear the songs they want to hear but festivals are very important there are a lot of people and there is an energy that you can't deny.

TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?

IF - Slayer playing any of our songs

TM - If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

IF - I would love to write with Ritchie Blackmore and it's never going to happen but it's one of my inspirations for my whole musical life.

TM - What's your favourite memory of watching a Divan perform live can you tell us a story?

IF - I can tell you a tour story, the first time we ever went out with Slayer it was a opening band. Then us then Soulfly, Then Slayer when Soulfly was playing I rushed out after your set had a quick shower grabed a six-pack of beer and a bowl of nachos ran back upstairs. I watched Kerry King every night for 35 nights, I learnt so much from their work ethic and their love for music and the way they treat their fans it was a very good experience.

TM - Are you touring Australia anytime soon?

IF - I would love to, we have been down that a couple of times and had some really awesome shows down there. We did Soundswave a couple of times and our own tour with chimera at we haven't done it in a couple of years we would all love to go.


TM - what's your favourite thing to do in Australia?

IF - We did things strolled around the city's went to a couple of Zoos the water is nice the food is awesome and people are really friendly.

TM - If you could give any up and coming bands somewhere like would it be?

IF - Get in front of people and play live, you can't be known if you are playing in your basement it's the most important thing.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

IF - I am so happy to do what I'm doing and traveled well and it's all thanks to people like yourself. I am very fortunate and very glad to be with the span since I was 19 and I am 44 and still doing it a big thank you to everyone.

TM - Thank You for having this interview with us today, we really appreciate it and hopefully we get to see you in Australia sometime soon.


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