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Formed in February 1988, IMMOLATION has been an innovative and uncompromising force in the extreme death/black metal underground scene for over 30 years. With their most recent and highly acclaimed “Atonement” record (Nuclear Blast 2017), the band has celebrated that fact with non-stop touring over the past two years and will continue their campaign across the globe throughout 2019.

Twinmusix got to speak to ROSS DOLAN about the upcoming Immolation tour and more. 

TM - Hi Ross, This is Amelia from Twinmusix. Thank You for taking this call with me today. How are you?


RD - I am good. You are my first interview today, Thank You for taking this call with me. What is the time there?


TM - It is 11:40 here, how about you?


RD - It is 9:20 at night


TM - Awesome, I hope it is not too late for the call.  


RD - It is a good time.


TM - Awesome, so what can fans expect from your Australian tour?


RD - We were there a couple of years ago and we had a great time. We did four shows and it was our first time visiting Australia. The crowds are awesome there and it was well-attended. I expect it to be better at this time because now we are joining Dark Funeral. When we tour as a package it normally goes really well because we appeal to the black metal crowd and they appeal to the death metal crowd. 


TM - What can fans expect from your Setlist?


RD - We have been around for 31 years, so you can expect a mix of our new and old songs. We will try and cover a lot of our albums.


TM - I was listening to an interview the other night, and you said in it you have three new songs that you are working on,  are you planning on bringing out a new album anytime soon?


RD - Yeh, we should be bringing out a new album next year. Since you read that interview, we are four songs into the album. We are back and forth with shows, so hopefully this December we will have enough time to finish up the album.


TM - I was looking at your latest album cover and I love the design. Who Designed your Album cover?

RD - A Swedish guy named Paul, he has done the last few album covers for us and they always turn out cool.


TM - I saw you were on Hellfest this year, you put on a great show.  


RD - Yeh we were and we also played it a couple of years back. It is an amazing festival. I cannot wait to go back and play. I was there for all three days and it is like an amusement park for metal, it is amazing. How awesome is it's set up. 


TM - I know right, it is the metal head version of Disneyland. I love it there. Everyone is so awesome, it is like a second home. They are also doing Hellfest Japan next year, it is a warm-up for Hellfest. 


RD - Hopefully that will do well. It will be our first time playing Japan on this tour and we are excited. We have a really tight schedule and our friends Broken Hope joining us, so we don't know how our schedules going to be. It will probably be hectic.


TM - Hopefully you have time to do the Mario Kart experience in Japan. You all get to dress up as the characters and drive the streets of Japan.


RD - That is awesome. If we have time we will definitely do that. 


TM - Awesome man, it would be so fun. 


TM - You worked with Max Cavalera on his new album and he did vocals on your new album, what was it like working with him?


RD - It was great because we met those guys the first time they toured in the US. We were penpals in the late 80s so then we started in 1988. We did a cover of Morbid Visions because we didn't have enough original material. We also did a bunch of cover songs. 

Moving forward, when Nuclear Blast was putting out that anniversary album and they told us we should do something different and we told them we use to come up Morbid Visions and said maybe we could do something like that. Then they said maybe we can get Max to do vocals, so it worked out well and he killed it.

I sang a song for Soulfly album and the only instructions were here the lyrics and sing on the first part. I got the record and I was Blown Away by the whole album Max and Igor were awesome to tour with on their Roots tour, they were absolutely awesome to go out on the road with and they are so accommodating.

TM - That is so awesome, what a great tour to be on. I have spoken to them quite a few times and they are great guys. 


TM - If you could have any bands play one of your songs which band would it be which song would it be and would it be in your style or their Style?


RD - It is always cool to have a band that's not in your genre do a cover. Type O Negative are good at covering songs and doing them in different styles. I would love to see Peter Steel if he was still at live through a cover of one of us song.


TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?


RD - I would like to Thank our fans for 31 years of dedication to our band. Our fans are so positives and so friendly here and made them and so excited to see us.

TM - Awesome man, Thank You for the call. We cannot wait to see you in Sydney. 



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