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Twinmusix Talk To Ihsahn About His New Album Amr, Australian Tour And More

What can fans expect from your new album "Amr"?


If fans know my previous work, they can expect it to sound like an Ihsahn album. At the heart of it I guess there are distorted guitars and screaming vocals. A lot of things have changed it's a different scenario and a different soundscape, there is lots more focus on an analogue synthesis and a more in your face dry production.


 What can fans expect from your Australian tour?


 A combination of songs from my entire career,  playing live and play in the studio are two different things especially when it comes to more Dynamics songs. Sometimes I take liberties with my own material to fit into that live environment, I like to keep my songs and albums varied , like I do for my tour. I will be playing a large amount of songs from over my career.


 How do you pick what songs you are going to play on tour?


I tried to build a live set in a similar way that I would build an album or a track list, then you get all the movement between the layers. I'm excited to play new songs off the new album and see how they fit in with everything else.


 What gear do you use in the studio, compared to what you use on tour?


 I've been playing Blackstar amps for a while, but recently I have gone over to using a kemper amps. I used a Kemper amp in the recording studio, to re amp stuff later as I am a self recording band, it's easy to use tools like that so you can concentrate on playing the guitar, then you can focus on being the producer later. 


Aristides Instruments guitars, there is not a shred of wood in these guitars, the bawols the intonation.


In the studio you need something to just work when you get that moment of inspiration, and wants something that sounds good in all registers, and not have the dead spots where you go oh this guitar doesn't sound that's good, this eSharp doesn't sound as good on this guitar. I've taken these guitars to Japan twice, it's a long flight there's a lot of temperature changes, you can take them out of their case and they are still in tune.


What was your recording process for you and you album "Amr"?


 It's hard to pinpoint, I have worked out of my own studio four decades now. I have this approach that I have had since my first solo album, I have this book before I start writing anything. 


I write up and sketch of the type of album I want to make, I write up the phrases words and sounds to create a full on vibe to the album, so what made this album different to the rest is that I shared all my ideas with everyone else who was working on this album, weather it was mixing and mastering or the guy doing the artwork, the guy taking the promo shots everyone would have the same inspiration going into it.


If you could have any band play one of your songs, which band, which song and in your style or theirs?


 tweaker playing"Twin Black Angles" in their style.


 Can you tell us more about working with fredrik akesson from Opeth, on your new Album "Arm"?


 I have known Fredrik for many years as we always bump into each other at festivals. Fredrik is such an amazing guitar player, we are the same age but I guess we all have our favourite guitar players in the 70s and 80s, but is it his time with Opeth, he has become one of my favourite guitar players, he is a modern Shredder, he has all the technique, he has that's all and tone back from the sixties.


At loudpark in Japan I said to Frederick one day I might give you a call to work on one of my projects and he said I'm in. I sent him a track and he had a studio setup of his own, Federick said I'm at think I'm going to record something with this new Gibson vintage SG I just bought, and he did an amazing job.


You last released a song under your side project thou shalt suffer in 2004, do you think you will release anything again?


I dought it that ended up being my solo efforts, at this point I can do whatever I like, I don't see the point of mixing up a lot of band projects.


Why did Samoth start playing guitar and switch to drums while playing for Emperor?



I started off as keyboard then I got my first guitar when I was 10,  Samoth started playing the bass guitar in our band 13, in a reversal space we had drums and he had an interest in drums, so he had a go at them and then he decided to switch to guitar.


 what made you want to start your own solo career?


I'm very stubborn and when I get an idea I want to follow it. I have a hard time compromising, also the way technology is now you can do anything by yourself, you don't need a band to write these songs, I think it's opened my creative sences more.


 Anything else you'd like to your fans?


I really hope they enjoy my efforts, I'm really looking forward to coming to Australia soon.

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