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Ice nine Kills was formed in Boston MA in 2010.  The band consists of Spencer Charnas (vocals), Justin DeBlieck (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Justin Morrow (guitar, bass). Ice Nine Kills draws their inspiration from Horror movies and books and focuses majority of their lyrics on these topics. 


We got to speak to Spencer from Ice Nine Kills, we got to speak to him about their upcoming album and more. 



TM- What can fans expect from your new album Safe Is Just a Shadow?


This album to me encompasses everything that we have inspired to do about the history of the band. This album it has a lot of theatrical elements or sound like it could be pulled from a film. It also has the most brutal and heavy parts that we have ever written, we have always been a band that influenced by literature and film we have really taken it to the next level. The Listener feel like they're inside one of these films.



TM- What was your writing and recording process for Safe Is Just a Shadow?


It normally involved with a film that we would base a particular track. I

was so familiar with these films and the characters in them didn't need to go and watch them again, I know them like the back of my hand. Then it  came to a point where I would figure out what I was trying to say with that particular song, so the perspective of the murderer or the victims go from there.



TM- Who designed your album cover and what's the meaning behind it?


Mike Cortada designed it. He took my vision from the very Inception that I wanted to create, a very 80s slasher aesthetic and really have a provocative look to the cover. It has a VHS look that I grew up gazing upon in the video stores, such as Creepshow Friday the 13th and Halloween.



TM- In 2015 released every trick in the book you you released enjoyed the slay what was your fans take on the song and what gave you the idea to ask your fans about what you should write about?


Enjoy your slay was a tribute to The Shining and when we released a last album a lot of people had their own ideas about what we should write on. They were all like you should do this book or that book but I thought what if we did something I've never heard of and really do it. So i put it up to the fans about what our next song was going to be about. It turned out to be a really cool song, and we actually have vocals from the Directors of the Shining grandson on the track called Sam Kubrick.



TM- You toured with Motionless In White, can you tell us a tour story?


My favourite memory is getting up on stage with Motionless In White and asking to perform with them it was a really fun experience.



TM- In 2010 new release safe is just a shadow what made you want to re record and re released that?


Another label had on that album and we wanted the rights to it and there was no re-recording restriction in the contract.



TM- You write a lot of lyrics about horror movies what inspired you to write about this subject?


It is something that I'm really interested in and passionate about. Ever since I was a little kid I have always been drawn to that type of stuff to the Halloween culture and good art. It is something that you are passionate about, what I am passionate about, so it is only natural that I write about this kind of stuff.



TM- If you could have any band play one of your songs which band would it be which song and in your style or theirs?


Nirvana play communion of the Cursed in their style.



TM- Who designed your artwork for every trick in the book?


TM- It was based off this idea I had where all these characters were coming to life out of one book. 


TM- Can you tell us a tour story?


something that happened that was a bit weird and scary in Las Vegas Nevada. The night that terrible shooting happened, we were in Las Vegas that night. We were thinking about going and hanging out the strip that night but we were not able to go because we needed to drive to the next location. We could have been playing anywhere if all over the world that night but it's a bit eerie that we were in that location.



TM- Where is the most interesting place you have played internationally?


Probably reading and Leeds festival. 

The massive crowd and the response to our band.  These kids on the other side of the world singing our songs and knowing that the word about our band has spread.



TM- What advice can you give to any up and coming bands?


You always have to try and be yourself with your music and never try and be someone else, never try and emulate what someone else is doing because it's just going to be a disaster.



TM- Anything else you would like to announce to your fans?


We are really excited to release this new album and i can't wait to come to Australia 

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