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I was 16 years old when Hellfest had its first breath, it screamed out loud and masses of music lovers answered its call, with the yearly ticket sales jumping dramatically from 22,000 to 152,000 in 9 years.

My sister and I could only dream of attending the awesome 3 day festival where so many bands I admired came together, representing every school of rock from Death metal to Stoner rock. If I had a genie and could make a wish I would have been at Hellfest in 2014 listening to Eluveitie, Flogging Molly, Black Sabbath and so many more that make me weep to think of them.

In 2017 Twinmusix is going global!! We are going to Hellfest and this year’s line-up will meet our reporters to answer such burning questions as does Lexxi Foxx think I’m cute? Will Steve Tyler sign my boobs? And does Ozzy know where his contacts are?

Now we want to give our readers and their friends the chance we never had, we will be running a competition to allow you to ask your burning questions directly through our reporters, please see the line-up listed below, and email or use twitter to write us with your burning question and if your lucky enough we will ask the question and publish your name with the answer on the website.

 This year  Milz is looking forward to interviewing Steel Panther, last year we had the best time following them all around Europe, from Amsterdam to Wales with a little bit of Lego World in between, I know they know how to rock, and this time they get to try and outperform one of the best bands in Rock History, AEROSMITH!! Who will win, the Tyrant of Toungue Steven Tyler, or the Mirror Master Lexxi Foxx?

Personally I love some more obscure bands, you could say they dominate my hart, or just dominate me entirely; I’m most looking forward to Emporor. I can’t wait to hear them sing The Loss and Curse of Reverence, I will lose it! Hopefully I’ll see some of you there losing it too!

I know our venue section has just got started with the first location reviewed being The Valve, but Hellfest is a whole other level with 2 main stages and 4 sub stages it is the biggest venue I have ever been to, and I have made it my mission to go to as many venues as possible since I started seeing concerts at 20. The 6 stages in total mean that if you walk from one end of the event to the other you can experience nearly every type of rock in a short walk.

Now I’m 26 and Hellfest is 10 years old I finally get to live out the dreams of my 16 year old self and experience all that Hellfest has to offer. This year by all accounts is going to be huge, a massive attendance of fans and a line-up that dreams are made of. The event organisers need to come to Australia and launch an event like this here, I know all our readers will go if they do.

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