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Twinmusix got to speak to David about their new album and more. Check out their interview.

TM - Hi, This is Amelia and Elizabeth from Twinmusix. Thank You for having this interview with us today.

HN - You're welcome.

TM - How has everything been with COVID?

HN - It sucks, I feel like a caged animal here.

TM - Me too.

HN - I bet.

TM - I miss photographing gigs, Are you supposed to be on tour right now?

HN - I would be with my band right now in Europe or coming home so we could go to South America. We had 10 weeks booked in Europe and then we were going to come home and spend 5 dates in South America and then come back and go to Japan.

TM - I love Japan, have you been before?

HN - Yeh, I've been one time, I played club Citta. We did Club domination with Exodus, Testament and Kreator.

TM - That's a cool line up.

HN - We were lucky to get on that, it was before The Evolution of Chaos record came out and it was going to come out in Japan first in December. It didn't come out in the states or Europe till the following year so it was pretty exciting. I have a friend that lives in Japan and I planned on staying with my bass player and his wife. We went site seeing and I was able to get in touch with my friend. I stayed with him and he took me all over and it was amazing.

TM - Did you go to any rock bars over there, Rock Rock and Metal Godz are awesome.

HN - We went all over it was a trip. We went out with a bunch of his friends and they took me to the best restaurants, the best record stores and the best sushi.

TM - That's so cool.

HN - Yeh I, want to go back.

TM - I think we all want to go back to travel and tour and stuff like that.

HN - Yeah, I know, I think right. Now, this is a test of our patience and perseverance. The serial to survive, you know what I mean. It's so important we are careful with our health and just help each other try and accomplish what you can at home. Stay productive and enjoy life by listening to music or playing music, watching a good movie, going for a hike or gardening, there are lots of things you can do. You can catch up on your laundry.

TM - *laughs* I hope you have a lot of laundry.

HN - I have my share luckily. I don't have any from back in March, I've taken care of that.

TM - That's good. You are bringing out your new album The Blight, what can fans expect from that?

HN - I think it's an amazing record, Kragen Lum, one of our guitar players, he wrote the entire record. This is his Opus I guess. We just all Played our parts and gave our two cents, whenever we thought it was needed. The writing that he accomplished was amazing. The performances by everyone were amazing and to top it off we had a great producer. Chris Harris did the production of the record and I think it's the best sounding Heathen record to date.

TM - Who Designed your Album cover for The Blight and what was the meaning behind it?

HN - Well Empire of the blind is the title track you know. You have been told about that is a commentary on social media and the general landscape of civilization. At this point, we are all feeding off information and there's good information and bad information. It's funny what people choose to believe.

We see our world in crisis right now and I think it's just a reflection of that. We are moving at such a fast pace and it's getting a little hot. The artist Trevor Smith takes the music he hears and is inspired by the song, so it's his interpretation of that song. He tries to visualise a pretty bleak situation in the world. If you look at all the album covers, they all kinds of Tie into the machine and the "Victims of Deception" artwork that was done by Alvin Petty. The Machine that was inside the Machine.

TM - You did a video for the empire of the blind, can you tell us more about it?

HN - It's a lyric video we did. It's kind of a new thing and there's a lot of imagery. We also have one for "The Blight" that came out a month before that. We got these artists that are computer graphic artists and put something together so you're listening to music, not the typical band video. I think those videos are ok for the money. We want you to hear the song, were all a bunch of geezers. Now you got to come and see us live.

TM - We are in Europe every year for Hellfest, so hopefully soon.

HN - You've never seen us live?

TM - unfortunately not.

HN - We last played Europe in 2013, I want to say and we played Hellfest and Grssspop. We did a few shows on that tour with Generation Kill and Dust Bolt. You should come and watch us play Grasspop next year.

TM - I would love to, except we cover media at Hellfest and they are always on the same weekend. We will try and catch you somewhere on the road. Can you tell us a tour story?

HN - The best times are when you are on tour and the other band is friends. It is a lot more fun. We have always tried to be on tour with people we like, especially if we are sharing a bus. You are going to want to hang with those people and it's incredible.

I think we have done three tours with the "Destruction" guys and we shared a bus once on the American tour, we are like family. We shared a bus with "Exodus" a few times, we have known those guys since high school, at least I have.

TM - What's your favourite festival you have played and why?

HN - I would have to say, all the festivals we have played have been awesome and they take such good care of you. I think my favourite was when we did RockHard in 2008. That one special because we are friends with the guys from the magazine. We have known them since we have been growing up in this business, so it was a real honour to be at that festival.

We have friends who played it as well and the day we played UFO and Saxon played, so that was awesome. UFO is one of my favourite bands of all time and they played after us.

 On that trip, it was my third wedding anniversary so I brought my wife. She was at the party on Friday with me and we got to be on stage when UFO was playing. It was amazing and after the festival, we drove to Paris for 5 days. It was super memorable for the whole event.

TM - I love Paris, have you been to the Moulin Rouge?

HN - Of course, there is still so much I haven't seen you know, what I mean.

TM - I know what you mean, I could live in Europe for a year and still not see all of it.

HN - You could spend the year in Italy and not see all of it, but you know that's cool you have to travel and see it or whether you're from Europe, Australia or America, go and see the world, it's an amazing place out there.

TM - I love travelling, it's my number one thing to do. I spend all my money on travelling, not on stuff

HN - I need Amsterdam, it's probably one of the coolest places in the world.

TM - I love Amsterdam, it is the best. I could live there in a heartbeat. Can you tell us more about your new documentary, Evolution of Chaos?

HN - We talked Mascot records into doing a temp anniversary re-release of the record. We asked Chris Harris, the guy that produce this new record if he would remaster this record. It was written by John Torres our late bass player that passed away. We got them to do a gatefold vinyl version of it and we had a bunch of content from when we were recording.

Then we had some interviews with each other and one who would engineer the record and put something together and document the thing. We need to do a better job but it's hard, sometimes you get the busy recording you don't always get a lot of video recordings. People are trying to be comfortable while they are tracking so I hope it's informative. We all did our part and I hope everyone digs it.

TM - If you could have any band play one of your songs what band would it be, what song would it be and in your style or their style?

HN - Deep Purple doing Fade Away evolution of chaos, in their style. Anyone like that it would be a trippy thing.

TM - Is there anything else you want to say to your fans?

HN - September 18th is the release date of "Empire of the Blind". We hope you enjoy it and go out and buy it so you can have it in your hot hands. I hope everyone stays well and we get through this crisis.

TM - Thank You for this interview today, we really appreciate it. 


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