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Harm's way traveled from Chicago on Thursday night to rock at Sydney Crowbar and they put on a show full of rock and power. Harms way are a five piece metal band with members  Chris Mills on Drums, Bo Lueders on Guitar, James Pligge on Vocals, Casey Soyk on Bass and Nick Gauthier on Guitar.


As Honest Crooks oped for Harm's way the venue filled up with fans and were ready to go crazy. Honest Crooks put on a fantastic show that brought the venue to life and you could only anticipate how crazy it would be for the next act. Honest Crooks are a Death Metal Band from Canberra and have five members Jerry, Lewy, Calum, Jesse and Brodie. The band delivers a powerful performance that draws you in for the whole set.


Next up was the band we were waiting for, the one and only Harm's way. As Harm's Way walked on stage the curtains opened, the fans cheered with excitement and everyone couldn't wait to hear the their favorite songs. Harm's way kicked off their set with "Fantasy" which was followed by "Human Carrying Capacity, Last Man and Infestation".


The energy of the band jumping up and down spread through the venue like wild fires and Harms Way made sure you were having an Amazing night. Next up was  "Breeding Grounds, Temptation, Call My Name and Become a Machine". As you looked out into the audience the headbanging was manic and there were smiles across everyones face.


To end off the night Harm's Way played "Scrambled". It was a fantastic night had by all and we all wished the show hadn't come to a end. If you get a chance, go and rock out with Harm's Way, I can guarantee it will be a night to remember. 


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