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Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore superstar played at the Oxford Art Factory and wow did they put on a show. A blue light and mist cast over the stage and Hardcore Superstar walk out one by one. Jocke then says "come on" with so much eagerness in his voice and the crowd went wild, as Jocke said  "Put your hand up" the fans went crazy as they played the intro Kick. Jocke then interacted with the fans said  "Sydney sing woah" as the crowd  sang back in unison you knew you were in for one hell of a show.

The intro of the next song starts and Jocke  started headbaning, then he picked up mic and started singing the next song "Electric" followed by "Dreamin and My Good". Then he said "Alright Sydney, do you feel our pulse on guitar Mr Vic, as everyone could feel the pulse going through the crowd and the band continued to play "Libben, Touch the Sky and wild Boys" 

Jocke then said "Wave your hands like you just don't care" and the crowd waved their hands back and forth then Jocke says "woah, yeh" crowd sings back every time he sings it to them.

Jocke brought girls get up on stage do shots of as they played "Last Call" while the girls were dancing around on stage and the crowd went Wild, it really drew you into the gig and you knew you were there to have a great time full of interactions and memories.

Jocke says " We got to Move back here we got to move back here, I'm going to go back to Utopia Vinal store day and that's it were moving here" and the crowd cheered and agreed that Hardcore Superstars  should move to Australia. Jocke then said "Alright, you convinced us" and the crowd cheered even louder and Hardcore Superstar proceeded to play " Have Mercy" followed by " Bring The House Down"

Jocke says "can give us some Love" and the crowd cheers Jocke proceeded to say then we will give you some love back and play "Have Mercy"

Jocke says  "We are going to do something special for you right now, we tried it out for one show in Europe but it was meant for you l guys. We have this old fucking song i don't know if you know this one but on guitar Vic and proceededs puts his head down and sings "Something Special"
Followed by "Baboon and Moonshine"

Jocke said "hes a legend, he's a fuckin legend infact i dont know what  species he is but all i know his name is Vic and the crowd cheered then the band proceeded to play "Sunday"

"Above the Law" was the last song of the night, that didn't stop Hardcore Superstar playing there set though. Half way through one of their songs the roadies came on stage and were taking there stage gear off. It was amusing watching a drum being passed through the fans. Hardcore Superstars  finished off an set with half the stage gear and fans cheering for more, it was truly a fantastic show!.


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