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Good Things Festival has been rocking the East Coast of Australia this week, we had the privilege of attending the festival in Sydney and had the best time! The lineup of bands was stacked, and the grounds also had more to offer: For the hungry metal heads they had many food trucks perfect for a lunch or dessert filled with delicious cuisines, there were also a lot of market stalls and merch stands to peruse for those needing a break from moshing, or if you needed to up the adrenaline there was even some carnival rides. Despite the good food and familiar faces in the crowd the bands were where the fun really was.

To open the festival the crowd were greeted by an Aboriginal Elder to offer a welcome to country and acknowledge the indigenous community past, present, and upcoming and for everyone to enjoy the festival to which she received a thunderous applause and cheers from the waiting and eager audience.



Teenage Joans

Up first on the festival was Adelaide rock duo Teenage Joans who set a high bar for the quality of the festival as their performance was incredible start to finish. They opened their set with a cover of the popular tv show theme song Scooby Doo and the crowd immediately reacted and sang along. The duo consisting of Tahli Borg on drums and vocals and Cahli Blakers on guitar and vocals rocked out hard and gave an incredible performance delivering a sound of as the band describes it “Juice Box Pop Punk” and we couldn’t get enough of it!




Almost immediately on the next stage over was Ukrainian metal legends Jinjer who walked on stage to a deafening roar from the crowd as they dived right into Teacher Teacher. Their set was nothing less than flawless show and the crowd responded appropriately with the first circle pit, wall of death, crowd surfing, and heavy moshing of the day, almost every song had at least 1 form of mosh pit or another and it was all so much fun! The band took a moment in the middle of their set to thank the audience for their love and support of the band as well as their love and support of the Ukraine, and then in the most metal fashion, lead singer Tatiana invited the crowd to give a huge middle finger to Putin and they all happily obliged. The rest of their set was full of heavy bass riffs, deep growling vocals and melodic singing, brilliant guitar riffs and perfect driving from the drums!




Millencolin was next up, with a punk sound reminiscent of Blink-182. The drummer delivered good pacing with beats that make you want to party. As they slashed through their set there was just something about their lyrics and the way they played together that made you think of simpler times being a teenager with friends and jamming out in your parents' garage in the 90's; which is comparable to how the band began back in the early 90's.



Sabaton was up next the stage was lined with pyrotechnics that shot flames out to the audience accompanied by heavy drums orchestrating the show. The singers' vocals wrapped around the crowd leaving us all jumping around and marching around to their unique war metal set. You could barely hear the band between songs as the audience kept chanting SABATON in between each song, except when the familiar “oh woah oh” of the song Swedish Pagans was started by the audience to which the band followed along with glee. Like always they put on an incredible show and we can’t wait till the come back to Aus!



One Ok Rock

The next band to rock the crowd was One Ok Rock from Japan. They brought spice and flare to the grounds. The band was interesting to watch as they synchronized their dance moves with their drumming. It was clear to see why this band is becoming an up-and-coming favourite, not only in the Japanese sector of metal but the rock sector as well. Their tracks were lively and their dance moves were reflectors of the traditional K-Pop boy bands you see in mainstream media today but mixed with the heavy tracks of a metal band and the fans in the front row singing along to every song.



Lacuna Coil

It was nice to see Lacuna Coil again after seeing their set the other night in Sydney. It was fun to see them return to the stage delivering the same enthusiasm and drive that they had showcased when opening for Gojira, it was wonderful to see them in a festival lineup. If you haven't already checked out our review for Lacuna Coil, click the link here:


The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction were up next playing a combination of both old and new songs from their discography including their new album. Their set delivered a rocking good time for every kind of Amity Fan across the board.




Gojira had hosted their fans at their solo show the other night in Sydney after Lacuna Coil opened up for them. It was a pleasure and delight to see them once again rock the stage and their set was brilliant again, performing some of their fan favourite tracks from the other night. They showed off stellar pyrotechnics with a massive screen broadcasting exhilarating graphics that accompanied their deep lyrics. It was once again a true delight to watch them perform and I can't wait for the next time they rock out Sydney.




TISM haven't toured for almost 18 years, you wouldn't be able to tell though. It was good to see them back out doing festivals again. At the start of their set, they walked out on the stage with silver foil bodysuits with giant helium balloons attached, the first of many weird things to come. Later in the set they had a giant bucket of tennis balls and tennis rackets before they started hitting the balls into the crowd. The band also had giant foam letters that spelled out TISM which were passed out to the crowd, however, this being a crowd at a metal fest, audience members were soon climbing on top and using them to crowd surfed. It was one of the most interesting sets of the day...did I also mention there was a fake construction site on stage?



NOFX was up next playing their album Punk In Drublic in its entirety. Fat Mike of NOFX came onto the stage in a blue dress walking out to the song Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and grabbed the microphone and proceeded to banter with the audience between his songs. He was really funny and his personality was a standout joy of the day, they're definitely a must see!



Deftones played to the crowd with a set of hits that was so good it was deafening. It was energetic and the fans were intense and eager to get into the show with a good chorus and a list of hits backing it, it was no wonder the crowd was manic in the mosh pit.



Bring Me the Horizon

Bring Me the Horizon was the band that everyone had been waiting for, if you’re a fan of their alternative rock sound. Bring Me the Horizon have had a successful year with one of their songs blowing up on the social media site TikTok. Due to their success, young emerging metal heads were lured to the siren call of metal and stayed to witness the other great acts of the day. It was amazing to see a band bring so many new fans into the genre. By the end of their set, you could definitely see their metal horns start to grow. It was so great to be able to attend a rock festival on Australian soil. If you ever have the chance definitely go see this one next time it happens, it's a must. If you'd like more amazing reviews more out here:

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